Friday, October 1, 2010

Little Dancing Feet

This year these been a few more family and friends have little baby girls and I've been meaning to make them something. I had in mind to make a baby bag or a little dress but I thought I'd start this off by making baby shoes for those little baby feet. 

My friend Angeline has a gorgeous 10month old girl and I recently caught up with her at a friend's wedding and tomorrow I'll be seeing her again once again at another wedding tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to seeing her beautiful Mia and I've made her something special for her first few steps.

These are my little creations and I'll be putting similar ones on my upcoming Etsy shop. I'm thinking of calling the line Mia's Dancing Shoes. 

Floral Denim Dancing Shoes

Kimono Red Dancing Shoes

I managed to sew my label this time I usually forget. Oh and those lovely little legs are Jacob's feet. He was a bit upset that I had made shoes but not in his size!


  1. Adorable!
    Hi! Following you from Friendly Friday Follow. Would love for you to consider following me back.

  2. Cin, those 'dancing shoes' are so cute and extraordinarily creative! It's a gift from the heart that will make any mum feels her baby daughter's special. You haven't ceased to amaze me..... Just keep it coming!

  3. Can i have one, size 12 please ;) thanks!

  4. The shoes are gorgeous Cinda, thanks so much. Mia loves them. It's a real honor to have you name your collection "Mia's dancing shoes". She loves to prance around the house in them! You're really talented. Keep us updated on your Etsy Shop. Would love to visit you there too!




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