Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog This ... Baby Love

Baby Love.....
I love their soft chubby cheeks. So plump and round that you just want to pinch and kiss them. My little Jacob was one of those chubby cheeked babies and I just adored the way his face would almost double in size when he smiled with those cheeks. He still has some of that adorable baby chubbiness but with each active month he is growing up more to be a boy than that baby I once cradled in my arms. A toddler with an mind for exploring and discovering his world and getting bigger all the time .... a sometimes Mr Terrible Two but not really he'll always my baby.

My all time fav photo with his blonde wig. It always makes me laugh.  

 Fully focused on the camera

Jacob and Ash

Double cheeked and a dimple too.  

Chuckling with laughter.

Blog This is having a photo challenge and this one is called Baby Love. Come and join in the fun with your adorable baby photos.

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