Friday, May 27, 2011

Polly Dolly: High Flyer

It's a High Flyer time at Polly Dolly today. Time to catch the travel bug and get our passports fulled to the max with our adventure in the high skies living the life as well seasoned traveler. Come and join us with our Polly Dolly travelers at Danimezza.

high flyer
To be a high flyer in the sky I want to be comfortable and stylish too and so I just couldn't resist these gorgeous turquoise hobo bag. I could fit all my travelling goodies and still have room from my souvenir  shopping too. Dressed for comfort in this lovely lacey top teamed up with this ultra comfy jeans and got to have those kitten heeled shoes, not too high just nice for walking and discovering new places.

high flyer by cindapod featuring striped scarves


  1. I love it! That blouse is gorgeous!

  2. I see that you also remembered to pack your phone and camera! ;) Fantastic outfit.

  3. Thanks :) I wish I really own that top too.
    Oh yes I couldn't survive without them.

  4. The owl earrings are seriously cute.

  5. Ooh I love the blouse and jeans combination!




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