Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 23.Something Old #JANphotoaday

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is Something Old.

I struggled a bit with this one trying to find a photo of Something Old. I mentioned the challenge to hubby today about trying to find Something Old and the first thing he said was not to take a photo of him!! lol 

Anyway I did manage to find something old and it's this Fisher Price toy which believe it or not is 27years old. It's been handed down from my second brother when he was a baby. It's traveled halfway across the world and back again from the time we lived in Holland to Sydney and here in Malaysia. My mum had stored it away and brought it back out when I had my first born. I guess it goes to show that Fisher Price makes toys to last or it did 27 years ago!!!

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !


  1. Over the years, the toys my mum kept from my childhood, have slowly made their way into my classroom. I have a Ken doll there from 1980! xx

  2. I think my mum has kept alot of my toys over the years and kept them for her grandkids. The amazing thing is that the toys made those days seem to last so much longer than now.




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