Monday, February 20, 2012

Days 12 to 20. #FEBphotoaday

Trying to keep up with the Challenge :)

Day 12.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Inside Your Closet.

A bit tidier than before for now...

Day 13.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Blue.

Blue skies nothing but blue skies.

Day 14.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Heart.

I heart my baby tummy!!

Day 15.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Phone.

An old phone but a good one.

Day 16.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Something New.

New basil and tomato plants growing soon.

Day 17.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Time.

A clock with a mind of it's own... no matter how many times i adjust the time it never tells the right time or date... time to get new batteries!

Day 18.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Drink.

Nothing beats a cool drink after a hot day at school.

Day 19.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Something You Hate To Do.

Don't we all???

Day 20.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Handwriting.

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !

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