Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Place

Ever wonder why the days are getting hotter, drier or just haven't been same as before?

All around the world there has been drastic changes to our climate and it's time for us to step up to the challenge to fight back and do something, for us and our future.

As time has gone by, I never realised the subtle changes the seasons have brought about, rainy seasons forever changing, never the same year round and long hotter dry spells. I've haven't lived in this place for that long but I noticed the unpredictability in what were normal seasonal changes just gradually shifting.

I remember you could almost always say when "rainy/monsoon" season would be, but like now when the grass gets drier and the skies turn grey with haze......where are the clear blue skies and when will that rain ever come? A few drops of rain does amount to a decent downpour if it evaporates so quickly not even leaving a mark on the roads. What happened to those drenching rains that go on and on, the over flow of road drains leaving us stranded on the roads???

........I'm just not sure anymore about how the much more the climate will change and impact our world today or tomorrow but I'm going to do a my small part and join in this year's Earth Hour.

A little change in a big way can do a world of difference................

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