Saturday, March 27, 2010

Under the Green Mango Sky

Blog This - A room with a view.

Take a photo and/or share a photo of your favourite view. Is it from your bed, a holiday a local lookout? Why do you love it?

This side of the island is green and lush; of tropical pink purple orange hue sunsets and a thousand scents and sights only the eye can see.

I live on the top floor of 80s inspired apartment block, right at the edge of the city, where the city lights end and green jungles of life collide.

I wake up daily in the early hours of the morning with sleep still in my eyes and a crying baby in my arms. The air is still cool from the night's slumber and the life outside is about to come to life.

The birds are chirping amongst the mango trees and the cars steadily starting to hum with daily goings.

I draw the curtains back as I hush my baby to sleep and graze and marvel at a sight so natural and sweet.

My green mango sky.......................................

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  1. Nice fragments of your mango sky. Your words are so descriptive and lovely. Well done.

  2. TQ for your words of encouragement.




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