Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Work in Progress.....

What has it been? 2 weeks ago... I'm having a dryspell of words to blog. Well, actually the words are there floating around my head but putting them to type just never materialised.... a work in progress.....
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I've been up late hours of the night thinking about the things that have to be done and what I want to make. I have this idea of making and just being creative again with my sewing and that seems to be taking up lot of my time on my own and sometimes away from what should matter the most. I guess you could say I've been a little obsessive and it's gotten the better of me.

I've really enjoyed my new adventure back into sewing and I've been thinking about setting up shop and doing something about online. You know working from home and trying to be productive outside of the household. So I've spent tons of time looking at material, measuring, drafting and it's been taking up the better hours of the morning when I should have been asleep. And so the other day it hit me that I've been consumed by this "obsession" monster and I really should just let it go for while and get back to life..... I've missed the comfort that writing has given me and it's time to get back to the other things I like to do like cooking....  ah another blog I've neglected for about 4 weeks...I still take photos but just haven't blogged about.... Foodbuzz must be noticing by now... So with that I'm determined to get these creative thoughts back to my fingertips and onto the laptop... so glad to be back:)

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