Thursday, September 2, 2010

31 Photos in 31 Days – August 2010 –Round Up

Last month I joined this photography challenge called "31 Photos in 31 Days: August 2010" by  and it was fun and challenging at times especially when I'd have the perfect shot for that day and I would be frantically searching my bag for my camera and .....ta dah it wasn't there! 

Most of the photos I took were about little glimpses into my daily life. The kids, food, in the car on the way to drop some one off or to pick up someone and some daily sights around the city. I guess they were just things you take for granted. 

Anyway, I managed to keep up with  30 29days out of the 31 days of August .... I wasn't feeling well on that day and couldn't get out of bed to take a photo let alone be in the mood to do it. I never thought of pulling out of the challenge so I really don't mind doing this again. Maybe I should just take a random photo everyday and post it:)

So here's a round up of all my "31 Photos in 31 Days – August 2010" –Round Up

Day 1. The monsoon rain outside my window

Day 2. Can I play with the computer?

Day 3. A strong cup of tea.

Day 4. Cornflake biscuit anyone?

Day 5. Mummy I can spell my name in my alphabet soup!

Day 6. Sakura just being a lazy cat.

Day 20..... The missing photo!!

Day 26....another missing photo..... I thought I had one 

29 photos ..... I did it!!! But I was pretty certain I had taken 30 photos I must have left it in draft. 

This is my favourite out of all of them. My two little clowns! They make so much noise around the house with laughter and just boyish fun. 


  1. You took some good pictures Cinda. Your boys are too cute.

  2. Thanks Tmena:)

    J Bar: Great pics of Sydney= homesick!




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