Monday, August 2, 2010

31 Photos in 31 Days – August 2010 – Day 1

I came across this challenge while reading a few of my fav blogs and I thought I'd give it a try. It can't be that hard to take 31 photos in 31 days.....just aim and snap! Anyway, if you're interested in the great challenge and love to take photos have a look at and try it out for yourself.

Day 1. The monsoon rain outside my window. 
We are in the middle of monsoon season so it rains almost everyday at the same time in the afternoon. It drizzles at first and each raindrops gets heavier by the hour. Flash floods and drains over flow with the gush of cool muddy water.


  1. WOW! beautiful picture Cinda... just wow...

  2. I wanted to show the rain and just by luck it came out like this.

  3. I wonder when will it stop raining. well good excuse NOT to wash the car!!




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