Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My new Blog Button!

I went back and had a look again at my original image for my blog and I was devastated to find out that it was only free for download as a wallpaper and screen saver but in very small print not allowed for websites or blogs. I'm crushed because I really liked that pic so I'll have to settle viewing it as my wallpaper. The site said I could write to the artist for permission to use it but I really don't think that's likely. 

Anyway, I managed to find a replacement artwork and it's all free for all types of occasions so I'm happy to show you my new blog button. 

Here it is...

button.jpg picture by jac2020

.... I still miss the koalas!


  1. Awwww... it is okay Cinda... I understand it must have been disheartening... so sorry... but i like this button as well... :-D

  2. Thanks so much! It still has that beach/island theme so this one suits me too but I'm still on the look out for my koalas.... maybe I should draw it myself.




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