Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Little Clutch

I've been working through my collection of material and I found this small off cut from a dress that I'm making for Ashley. It's actually a piece of batik which I had trimmed off from the side of the bodice. It was too small for anything I had put it aside for a small purse or clutch. So last night while watching tv I drafted out a clutch with an wristband which I could use for quick errands or for an evening bag. I also dug out the rest of the red kimono material that I made the red bag with and cut out a few to make later this week. I'm going out this Friday so I'm hoping to use this little clutch.

The red kimono material all cut out and ready to sew. I think I cut out at least 5 little clutches... I was watching tv so I just keep cutting!

Sewing up all around the edges.

The finishing touch... the side seam and the button. I decided to use a button since magnetic buttons are hard to come by but I think it looked better with the turquoise 
button. I didn't put any inner pockets into this clutch as the space is pretty small.... I just hope it fits all my stuff.


  1. Please make make sure your mobile is audible from the clutch, thanks ha ha

  2. I should have put more lining in the bag!!!

  3. oh you cleva Cinda..i LOVE them!!

    thanks also for your lovely comments & best wishes x

  4. oh you are cleva, Cinda! i love them!!

    thanks also for your lovely comments & best wishes :) x

  5. i think this is brilliant work..




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