Thursday, August 26, 2010

Phone Pouch

Ashley's little phone pouch is getting a bit old so I revamped it a little and made her this one today. It took a while to draft this one out because I had to get the dart just right and give the pouch enough room to fit the phone. Had to throw away the first few attempts but got the pattern right. I was thinking of adding a small pocket at the back but decided it  would have been too bulky. The material I used was the same pink batik scrap that I made the little clutch with. 

To draft the pattern I use my phone as a template and then added about 1/2' for the width and an extra 3/8 for the seams to get enough space for the dart. I managed to use up all the material scraps and had nothing to spare. The pouch is fully lined with a medium interfacing to give it a bit of structure. 


  1. I like your post about the phone. Have you ever tried for your blog? If not, you must try for your blog.

  2. Cinda, you are so talented. I love all the stuff you make. I want to come stay with you. Can I??! :-)

  3. Kristin: You are welcome anytime! Malaysia is just on the way to Australia and it's the best place to relax in the sun. Oh and can I'll make you a bag or something to eat too:)




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