Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Red Bag

When my daughter was in kindergarten I volunteered to make some kimonos for the end of school play. I thought I was only suppose to make 1 or 2 but I ended up making 12 little kimonos of various sizes. A proper kimono with a big sash. I had bought metres of this red floral material and I had a ton of scraps which I've been hoarding away for some many years.

Well I finally dug it out of the cupboard and pieced together enough for a Japanese inspired bag and add a few handmade flowers to go with it. 

................ I actually took some photos of the bag being sewn up but hubby installed it on his computer at the office so I'll post that later.

I didn't realise when I took these photos that the resolution was at 5MB so you can see all the little threads that I still haven't trimmed. 

I only placed the flowers on one side of the bag. 

The Red Bag.

The bag is the biggest one I've made so far and it's nice and roomy to double up as a nappy bag. The front panels are actually sewn together to make a larger piece. The red material was actually the bottom parts of the kimono as I had made them a bit too long for some of the girls so had to shorten it. The cream material was left over raw silk from something I had made but I can't remember what it was now.

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  1. CUTE! I like the flowers especially!

    Preschool was tough(on mommy) but my little guy had lots of fun!




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