Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Keychain Purse.

Today's project was a change from the usual handbags and so I tackled another sewing project that I've been meaning to tryout.... the keychain. It's not just any keychain it has a compartment for notes and a zip pocket for coins and of course it's made out of some fabric from long ago. The keychain is actually based on a keychain I've had for over 16 years and I thought of updating the look with some fabric so I drafted out the pattern and came up with this new keychain. 

The keychain purse

This is the compartment for paper notes and I made a small card holder for my driver's license in the inside.

The keychain purse opened up. There's a zipped compartment for coins and the apple keyring for keys. I have a few different shaped keyrings but I thought the apple suited this purse. The whole purse is fully lined and has alot of space to hold just about everything on the go. 

I drafted the pattern myself and it is almost the same as the original purse. It was pretty easy just had to get the seam allowance right and give ample space to accommodate the zipper for the coin compartment. I used a black cotton fabric to line the purse and used interfacing to stiffen the fabric. I'll try to post the pattern later on but I'll need time to figure out the instruction so that everyone can understand it


  1. WOW... man this is genius work.. you are a good cook, beautiful person, and now these things... too good....

  2. ...I'm blushing:) Thanks Ratz. I love to sew and I wish I had more time to do it.




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