Wednesday, August 25, 2010

what's in your handbag...

This week's My Place And Yours over at Hello Owl is 

what's in your handbag...

This what is hiding in my bag or should I say this is what I'm hiding in my bag these days. I'm using my red bag  that I made the other day and it's one of those big bags that can fit almost the kitchen sink. I've been using it lately to double up as my nappy bag and so it's crammed with nappies, a big packet of baby wipes for all those messy occasions, a camera for those unforgettable moments with the kids and also for my 31 Day challenge, car keys, hair clip, lip gloss for that quick splash of colour, my pocket purse and my phone. .... the things missing from my bag .... change of clothes for Jacob because he's a mess these days and has to change at least 3-4 times a day, toys, snacks and a sippy cup. I usually have so much in my bag that I'm forever looking for my keys even though I made 3 pockets inside I'm really going to have to add a cord or something next time so I can clip it onto all my keys. 

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  1. Hi cinda, I've been working on a bag for myself recently. You've insured me to finish it off today.




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