Thursday, August 5, 2010


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If you had the chance to be a bridesmaid what would you like to wear on that special day. If you have ever been a bridesmaid you definitely know that some of the choices people make can be really "interesting" or should I put it mildly by saying "ugly"!!!

What would you wear if you were a bridesmaid?

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

If I had the chance to pick my bridesmaid dress again I would love to have this beautiful green sequined off the shoulder dress. Have my hair up in a lose bun with a lovely pink flower. Crystal drop earrings, a diamond bracelet and a gorgeous heart necklace is all I need to make me dazzle on the day. Silver strap high heel pumps to dance the night away and a crystal clutch to hold some lippy. A beautiful bouquet of lilies of the valley to match the brides and we are off down the aisle on that special day. 




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