Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Place & Yours: Where do you blog?

It's Tuesday again and this week Danielle at Hello Owl's My Place & Yours is asking:

My Place & Yours: Where do you blog?

This is my spot on my desk in my bedroom where I like to blog. I have my laptop set up and  my blogger all set up getting ready to blog about the latest and the what's going on at my place. An iPod on hand for a lazy check on things but I would love to learn how to blog on that too but I'm rather slow at typing with on it. I'm posting at the moment about my latest giveaway and sorting out some photos for these handmade clutch purses I've just made.  I'm kind of writing two post at the same time ... multitasking and trying to take measurements of the clutch purses.  

My handmade clutch purses from my latest blog post "Clutch Purses and a Giveaway " just a little giveaway to say thank you. 

Each Tuesday Hello Owl hosts My Place & Yours so if you would like to link up and play along click HERE


  1. What cute little clutches they are. So sweet.

  2. I want to look at your spot but im draw to the cute cluthes. i want/need one :P




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