Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waking up from a nap!

This was taken about a month ago when Jacob was having a snooze and woke up to find he had grown a full moustache and very thick eyebrows all courtesy of his loving older sister! What are sisters for!! I'm sure he's going to have a laugh at these photos when he's older....we hope!

A complete look of surprise!

Ok there's something on my face huh?

Okay not funny anymore!!!


  1. I giggled so much when my daughter did this. When he finally had a look at the mirror he was so shocked. I hope he sees the humour in it when he's 21 because I would love to use these photos for the invitations!

  2. I love these. And oh yes, that is EXACTLY what older sisters are for, I should know, I am one!!

  3. Woo Hoo for the Older Sisters Club!! I use to play so many nasty tricks on my younger siblings... still do when I can.

  4. That's so cute and Sweet! Epic Photos and Moments to treasure! ;-D

    Best Regarsd!

  5. That's GREAT :) LOVE your blog! I stumbled upon it today via FTLOB & I'm your newest reader :)
    ~Angel @

  6. Hahaha the joys of having older sisters :) I am sure he will love this blown up at his 21st!

  7. I have another one of him at about 8months in a big blonde curly wig. His cheeks were so round and chubby. I'll have to post that too.




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