Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cover Up

We just had the aircon serviced and now it's working really well, matter of fact it's FREEZING! It's so cold and I've turned the temp to 18C so it's just nice to snuggle up in bed with the covers on. 
A little cap to keep head warm. 
I'm usually soaked in the tropical humid heat of the day but at night I get that one luxury of being in the cold without the unease of heat. It's so much nicer getting a good night's sleep without tossing and turning under the swirling noise of the fan. The air is crisp, cool and dry and it for a few moments it reminds me of the what a colder season would be like. I miss the seasons, the cool autumn breeze and the winter chilly cold. The warmth of your breath in the winter and layers of clothing to keep you warm and snug.... I miss winter!

Despite the cooler temp Jacob loves to play instead of sleeping under the covers.


  1. I appreciate the chill of an overclocked air conditioner. Danielle convinced me we needed ducted air last year, and it was the saviour of the summer - a particularly nasty summer (probably not unlike what you experience all year round).

    Now we're enjoying the almost instantaneous warmth it gives us in the winter.

    I must say, though, autumn was cheaper! :-)

  2. Oh yes the bill....I'm not looking forward to that:(




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