Friday, July 9, 2010

Where does your cat sleep?

Where does your cat sleep?...... 
Wendy @ Beautiful Day would like to know where does your cat, dog or furry loved one sleeps.

Sakura, our cat of the house has many little places for a quick cat nap or a deep snooze. He's really one of the family and most of the time his sleeping hours usually follow those of the kids. In bed by 9 pm with the kids and awake and ready for school when the first alarm rings. Up and ready with the kids and as soon as they leave the door, Sakura has a quick breakfast and he's back to snooze mode until they come home.

You can usually find him at the foot of the bed or getting nice and warm next to your feet.  Anywhere close to kids will suit him fine and he just wouldn't have it any other way. He's one of the kids, loves a cuddle before a sleep and lets you know when he's awake ready for a meal or time to play. 

This is where he is right now having a lie down on the desk chair.


  1. Sakura is adorable, and sounds very well-behaved! Thanks for playing; don't forget to link up at my blog! Wendy xx

  2. I like your cat's name Cinda... it reminds me of The Card Captor, i just loved that animation series.....

  3. Wendy: All linked up:) Sakura is a real character. I sometimes wonder if he thinks he's a dog than a cat.

    Ratz: Oh yes he's named after Sakura the Card Captor. My daughter use to love that show and at first we thought the cat was a girl so that's why he has that name.




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