Monday, July 26, 2010

Your favourite pair of shoes

It's Monday again and over at Hello Owl and Danielle has been busy over the weekend cleaning and de-cluttering her house to find a few gems.... her favourite shoes!

Here's this week's theme for My Place & Yours:

Your favourite pair of shoes.

These simple black flats are my fav at the moment. They go well with a pair of jeans and with any really. They're not exactly flats as they have a bit of heel and I need some height when I'm standing next to hubby who is much taller (6ft2"!!!! ). BTW that's Jacob's fav "shoes" ... his little bare feet!

(I took this pic with the camera upside down!)


  1. Haaa great pic wish my choice had been this easy! Have a wonderful week Cinda. xo

  2. Oooooh Nice... :-D 6'2 OMG... he's way too tall... and little Jacob's pair of shoes are the best... :-D


  3. Flats kill my heels, but these look cute! It's tricky to take a photo of yourself wearing shoes. Ha! You did well! xx

  4. I turned the camera upside down and aimed enough to capture my feet. I couldn't really tell at the time if it looked ok but it seemed to work. Flats are easier at the moment but I would love to wear heels more often. Jacob runs alot and so it's easier to go after him these.

  5. I love Jacobs 'shoes' they would have to be my second favourites.




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