Friday, July 23, 2010

The house by the beach

I've been thinking alot about the beach not just any beach but a place that we spent the last summer on a family holiday. It was just like any other white sand beach that you would come across along the south coast of the NSW but this one was something special. Memories of my mum playing at the beach with Jacob, family dinners, relaxing and soaking up the sun and that lovely beach house at Mollymook.

If I could think of anywhere I wanted to be at this moment it would be there. If I could get away, pack up the kids and hubby and take the first plane out to Sydney and drive like a crazy person in a hurry I'd be there. If I was fortunate to win the lotto someday that house would be the first thing I would buy and it would be mine. I don't know why but I would love to live at that house by the beach. 

Is it the warm sunshine that makes me want to go there? Is it the white powder sand that clings to my skin when I walk along the beach? Is it the clear blue waters that roll along the waves that call out to me? All I know is that I want to be there again ....... someday.

I would walk along it's mile long beach again, jump the waves and then sit down on the sand and just watch my mum play in the sand with Jacob. 

That house ... I wish it was mine. The warm air blowing through the front door, the sun kissed shine on the glossy wooden floors, an open kitchen ready for me and my babies eating strawberries by the back door. 

I had a beautiful summer by the beach. A time so special to me, full of memories I would cherish of my days in the sun with my family and the time we spent at the house that was called Simply Beach.


  1. LOVE the beach!! And I love skeleton rash shirt- too cute!!

  2. Great photos!I love beaches too.

  3. I love the beach! I loved when I used to live a mile from one.

    I know I'm late, we went out of town on a last minute trip. I am your newest follower from Friday Follow!

    I am hosting a twitter hop tuesday that opens at midnight, I would love for you to join!

    Kari @

  4. Thanks for dropping by. I love the beach and this is my fav.

    Kari: Thanks for the follow. I haven't got a Twitter account but I'll drop by to look.




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