Monday, February 14, 2011

13 years ago on the same day

13 years ago on the same day I was suppose to have one of the best presents of all my Valentine's Days. It was the due date for my baby girl, a beautiful gift that for 9 months we had felt move and grow, a face which we were yet to see but was so familiar to us. 

The day came and it was filled with anticipation for our new member of the family. The bags were packed weeks ago, the cot was made up and all her new clothes had been washed and arranged in the drawer. Our baby was on her way home and all we had to do was wait for her arrival.

I had read all the books and was given lots of motherly advice to prepare me for this day but I guess nothing can prepare you for an event such as this. Nothing really goes to plan and there's always a few hiccups along the way. So the day passed and I was scheduled for a check up with the obgyn just to keep track with our weekly appointments and if today was going to happen then it would. 

Nothing happened that day and everything was going smoothly but today was just not "the day". So we waited over the weekend and the following Monday on the 16th I gave birth to a little girl with hardly any hair just a fine spray of golden brown, and a tiny little nose, the smallest hands but with the longest fingers and the daintiest feet. All so sweet and perfect in our eyes, my little girl Ashley.

I always remember Valentine's Day for this being the due date, a day held with so much anticipation for our first born. Even though she wasn't born on this day we had put so much into waiting for this day and it is still a special day for the ones we love the most. 

Our daughter is now an almost teenager and will be officially one this coming Wednesday. She's been my best friend over the years and I'm so amazed to see her growing up and moving forward with what lies ahead in her future. She is not with us now but has moved back to Sydney to go back to start highschool. Embarking on a journey without us but holding up so strongly on her own with the things we have taught her and blossoming into her own person. 

We sent her to study and live with my family and to have an experience of a lifetime. It was a decision that was not made lightly but one with a heart of love for her to grow to her best potential. I made that same journey at age 10 when I was sent back to Australia from Holland and my husband was 12 years old when he was sent to boarding school. In a perfect world we would all be in the same place together but she is in the right place now. 

She loves her new school and has made many new friends and we spend everyday chatting away as we have always done but now on a mic and using Skype to exchange gossip, advise and a window to connect us when we are so many miles apart. I'm happy for her and can't wait to see her everyday. She always puts a smile to our faces and today is one day that I just want to say how much I love her. Happy Valentine's Day Ash. We love you. 

It has been a long time since a joined a challenge for Blog This and I'm happy to reconnect with this piece for Blog This: Ghosts of Valentines Past.

... I've been away for a while, a break which I thought would be short but I'm back again and moving forward with a whole new year ahead of me. A new beginning but one I look forward to sharing. 


  1. what a great post. I will never forget my kids due dates either. It's like you said, a day you look forward to for 9 months, whether it happens on that day or not, you'll always remember.

  2. Due dates and birthdays are the 2 main dates a mum always remembers. The waiting just builds up and it's a celebration whatever happens. btw I was due on Christmas so my mum remembers that very well but I was only born the next day.
    Thanks for the follow :)




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