Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today Is Your Birthday

Today is your birthday. A teenager now. All 13 years we have seen you grow up into a fun loving girl, full of life and adventure and now on another path through the teens.
You have been like a best friend to me. A little helper always ready to give a hand. Sharing special times together. The laughter, the talking and the best hugs .... I miss that now.
A wonderful sister with a ton of patience for your little brothers. Caring for them I know you do your best to to be a big sister. 
You're in a new place now, new school and making new friends. Always remember that we are never that far.

Happy 13th Birthday Ash!


  1. HIeeee Cinda...

    First and foremost Happy Valentine's Day.

    And second, Happy Birthday Ash. Such a beautiful collage. It reflects so many memories and events... You got a beautiful girl there.

  2. Same to you Ratz! Happy Valentine's Day!

    When I was going through her pictures it's just so hard to believe that 13 years isn't that long. Almost like a blink of an eye and they are towering over you.

  3. Lovely post. What a confusing age 13 is. My daughter will be there in a couple of years but I think she's already there in her head!!

    Have fun and huge happy birthday wishes to your lovely girl.

    CJ xx

  4. Thank for the follows :)

    Oh yes I can remember being 13 but the world is so different now than way back in my time. I think kids nowadays are more aware of their surroundings but at the same time kids will always be kids.

  5. Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.

    I also do a weekend blog hop, you can link up on open every Friday-Sunday!

  6. Hi Tawna,
    Thanks for the follow.

  7. Happy Birthday to Ash! Wow I remember turning 13, thought it was the coolest thing ever... I'm about to turn 30 and it's not quite as cool.

  8. Thanks. I love going through all the old photos :)




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