Monday, February 28, 2011

It's Monday again.

Yes it's that day again...... Monday Monday Monday. It was actually good start to the week considering half my morning was spent watching the Oscars, not the whole show just the good bits.

My predictions for Best Movie, Best Actor and Best Actress came through although hubby still wasn't impressed with Natalie Portman's performance. He's not a dancing buff but I really liked movie and I'm glad he sat quietly all the way through the movie without any complaints. I really can't stand it when you watch a movie and have to sit through it all with someone mumbling about how much they don't like it but still watch it anyway.

So anyway I'm joining Toddler Awesome's survey for Mama Monday No.3. Each week she'll be posting a few questions for mums and a little pamper task so link up. Here's her questions for today:

1. What piece of motherly advice did your own mum give you, that you put to use now on a daily basis?
"Don't worry about the kids not eating everything you cook. They might not like the green veggies but one day they'll come around to it."  I always place the vegetables on my children's plates and I have one son who absolutely hates vegetables and he'll put on his "death by vegetables" act and then my youngest son just loves anything green and they would be the first things he'll eat from his plate. Amazing how they are complete polar opposites.

2. When you get time to yourself, what are YOUR hobbies and interests?
Time to myself would have to be during nap time, especially when I have Mr Terrible Twos around. I love to sew but it is impossible when he's so curious about the sewing machine so I usually have to find something to occupy him. I love to sew and if I could I would do this all the time.

3. What is your fail safe family meal?
I think cooking anything with pasta is the easiest and the quickest. Just whip up some sauce either a tomato or cream base sauce add some chicken and vegetables pour it over the cooked pasta and ta da. Easy and plenty to go around.


Do you nails!  Paint your finger nails and your toenails with your best/ favourite colour....
And when I get some time for myself today I'll be painting my nails with some of these lovely colours.


  1. I too always put the vegetables on my son's plate.... even though he sometimes won't eat them. Sometimes he does so I try anyway :) He ADORES olives which is so random!

    Thanks for joining in.... looks like there are a lot more people going to join in today than other weeks!

  2. thanks for visiting, commenting, and following me at Teens and a Toddler. I am following you now as well.
    Your pics below have made me super jealous! I miss the warm pacific ocean!




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