Friday, February 25, 2011 say hello

My just turned 2 year old has just learnt to say "Hi", and it seems to be a whole new a stage of his life when he's realised how that one word can make an instant connection with a much bigger world than his own. He'll say it when we bump into our neighbours while leaving the house, sitting in the supermarket trolley, eating at a restaurant or while we are out doing some shopping. We could be doing something totally normal and when we come cross a stranger and he just has to make that eye contact and out he comes with a "Hi!". 

Jacob and his super smile.

A smile and a giggle, a big grin over his little mouth and than his little hand starts to wave with excitement. It's not just one "Hi" but at least a couple of repeated "Hi's" when the other person responds back. He seems well aware of the reaction he gets from this and the smiling is totally catching when I see his little face light up. I'm amazed by the innocence of it all in a simple greeting from a child to make one forget about their day for a moment and give back with a smile and a hello. 

For my son, his world revolves around our family and as he gets more adventurous and confident he will meet new people and make new friends. Just a simple greeting of hello and an infectious smile and he's made a connection and I think we can learn alot by watching our children to remind us how simple it is to start each day with 

a big Hi! 

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  1. Hi!!!! That's so cute, can't wait for this stage with my boy. Thanks for linking up.




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