Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Place & Yours: What I am Reading

I wish I had more time to grab a book and read. I have a few and this is my most recent. This book was given to me by my hubby for my birthday. I think he had the best intentions  when he chose this book but with that title I think it may have secretly been the book that he wanted to read. Anyway, as soon as I unwrapped my present and barely had the time to read the inscription it was whisked away from my hands by hubby. Don't get me wrong I have all of Sue Townsend's books but I didn't get it back for another 2 weeks later. I'm some where around the 2nd chapter. 

As much as I would love to go to the book shop and buy a real book with paper pages I've been stocking my virtual book shelves with some ebooks. Much cheaper than a real book and takes up virtually no space I find they are easier to read on the go or while I'm find some precious free time.

I love the movie and had to get this book.

Yes another movie book but I did get around to reading her blog. Almost finished with this book.

As you see the theme for this week's My Place & Yours over at Danielle's Hello Owl is 
What are you reading?


  1. I do love actual books with proper pages etc, while my other half is all about his kindle. He's saying that the kindle is waaay better for especially one reason: "Libraries are all very well and good, until you come to move.
    Then after carrying your fifth giant box that weighs a ton you start to realise that maybe the fact that the Kindle weighs almost nothing and
    can hold 30,000 books is actually pretty cool."

    I am still not convinced!
    Enjoy the books! :)

  2. Is that your iphone you're using to read ebooks? Is the print tiny? I see a lot of people now, looking at their iphones for a very long time without touching them! xx

  3. I can never say no to a real book but I'm also a fan of convenience and having some of my books on my ipod is easy to take anywhere. The only draw back is the print which has to be enlarged and the temptation of surfing the net when you should reading and I think that's why it takes me longer to read on the ipod.

    I wouldn't mind an iPad but the thought of accidentally dropping it on the floor when I doze off to sleep is something I just couldn't afford to do.

  4. I got an eco-reader for Christmas which is about the same size as a novel and only has books on it. I haven't got the gist of downloading books onto it yet, but there were twenty classic books on it already, so I've been reading those. It's very handy for holidays and travelling, and as an alternative to reading heavy or expensive books. xx

  5. oh yes I read eat pray love last year...couldn't put that down either!

  6. Cin it is called quality control....




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