Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's happened again

It's happened again! This is the second time this year and I just got these new glasses. It's just so unbelievable that it's happened again and in the same place. I just got out of the shower to find Jacob holding what was left of my glasses. He has this magnetism to my glasses for some reason he just has to twist and turn it.

And so I'm off to see the optometrist tomorrow to see if he can do something about it. I think I'm going to be he's fav customer this year. It's broken in exactly the same place at the hinge. I'm hoping he can fix it some how or change the spring or hinge or something. So I'm back to wearing my old glasses about 2 prescriptions back. I can see but the right side is a bit off. I'm really contemplating having Lasik if I could afford it at this point!

Hands on in the kitchen

It's been a pretty gloomy sort of day today, dark clouds cover the sky and predictable afternoon down pour of rain. It rains and it rains. No, I'm not complaining about it at all,  I actually love the rain. 

It's one of the better times of the year when the afternoons and nights are cooler and you can huddle up in bed and sleep in the cool breeze. This time of the year is a nice time to just stay at home and curl up with a good book or just lazy about in front of the tv and watch a movie. It's the closest thing to a season, apart from the all year round of summer that we have and I suppose you could call it our tropical "winter". 

So for some it's not the best time of the year, especially when it can cause flash floods and all outdoor afternoon activities are cancelled. No swimming for the kids in the afternoon or walks along the beach to watch the sunsets. It's time for the indoor stuff!

Indoor stuff.... to keep the kids busy today, I got them to make dinner. Yes, it was my night off from the dungeon in the kitchen (only kidding I love to cook) and time to put my kids to work. And so tonight Ashley and Tristan were set loose in the kitchen to make pizzas from scratch for dinner. Right from making the pizza dough, rolling it and making their version of pizza.

Rolling out the dough.... 
They both had a go at making their own pizza.... a few nibbles at the cheese by Tristan.

Pepperoni & Ham Pizzas!!! Our little food stylist was fast asleep during the pizza making!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Polly Dolly

It's Polly Dolly over at Danimezza. I'm running a little late on my shopping for this Thursday challenge all due to the rain....yes, that's our theme Rainy Days.

What makes you happy on a rainy day?

It's raining again and has been for the past month and a half. Heavy monsoon rains, all starting around the same time everyday. The downfall starts right after lunch and until the late hours of the night or even all through the night till the night day. So what makes me happy on a day like this?

Rainy DaysFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

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Balenciaga trousers NAVY, 128 GBP
Emilio Pucci Women's 705585 Wedge Heel Rubber Rain Boot, $295
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Kendra Scott - Gwen Large Chandelier Earrings (Pebble) - Jewelry, $84
Ladies Umbrella, $225 OPI Nail Polish Bastille My Heart Nlf17: Beauty, $4.95
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On a rainy day like this I would put on my trench coat with a ruffle, put on my rain boots with a wedge....( got to have some height!) and even though it's a gloomy wet kind of day  I still like to have bit of floral pink under my umbrella. My top has a bit of sparkle and it goes with my pants but best of all my Pucci boots just beam with a splash of colour. I'd follow on with some more pinks in my large pink tote, just big enough to fit all my goodies.   And finally some more sparkle with a coral bracelet and these lovely chandelier earrings. I think I'm ready now for some splashing in the rain!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Three Things You Do Everyday

This week’s theme over at Hello Owl’s My Place and Yours is: 

Three Things You Do Everyday. 

What three things do I do everyday? 

1. Hugs & Kisses for my Hubby and three beautiful kids.

Waking up in the morning and giving the whole family a big hug and kiss to start the day.

2. Morning Coffee.

Drinking a big mug of coffee  to get the whole day rolling. Coffee or tea will do, just as long as I can get through one everyday.

3. Check my email & blogs.

Having a quick read on my iPod while still in bed.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

I've checked through my list from yesterday and I'm proud to say we had a great Father's Day for hubby! ..... even though it's Father's Day today and I still celebrate it for my dad in September, I'm sure hubby wouldn't mind celebrating it again come September!

  1. homemade cards and cuddles from the kids for their dad followed by a bacon and eggs for brekkie                                       The kids made these posters for their dad. We were so hungry for brunch, I forgot to take a picture!
  2. get the cheesecake baked and ready for dinner   I made these yummy Oreo and Yoghurt Baby Cheesecakes. Jacob ate some of the remaining Oreos.
  3. make the pasta for the lasagne and bake it for lunch. We woke up late so brekkie was actually brunch!
  4. maybe a swim with the kids or a movie. Swimming has been rescheduled for tomorrow after school and movie will have to wait for Cheap Movies on Wednesday at the cineplex.
  5. hhmmm roasted potatoes with grilled pork chops and yummo cheesecake!!! CHECKED  Pork Chops with a Tomato Brandy Sauce, mashed potatoes and greens followed by baby cheesecakes!
  6. World Cup Football with my fav guy and the kids. 
Daddy and the kids!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting down to it...

Getting down to it.... a loadful of dirty laundry, a sink of a morning dishes, toys that have to picked up, a meal to be cooked and tons of "to-do" lists to be done. How can I manage this? Can it be done? 

It's a routine of life isn't it? Getting all of it out of the way and moving on to the next. I think I have a plan but sometimes I can't keep on track. Isn't that the fun part of it all, to sometimes let it go for awhile and "go with the flow". 

The weekends are the best times for that kind of feeling, just take it easy for a while and relax. Well, for this weekend I've been stuck or should I say glued to the telly getting my fix on missed TV episodes, watching the World Cup (Go Aussies!!!) chatting on skype and just spending time out with the kids. The laundry, dishes and cleaning can wait! I want to relax and chill this weekend or at least till tomorrow.... got to get ready for a fun filled Father's Day.

Is it that time already? I know it's not Father's Day back in Sydney but on this side of the world it will be Father's Day tomorrow. So my day has been planned.... 
  1. homemade cards and cuddles from the kids for their dad followed by a bacon & eggs brekkie
  2. get the cheesecake baked and ready for dinner
  3. make the pasta for the lasagne and bake it for lunch
  4. maybe a swim with the kids or a movie
  5. hhmmm roasted potatoes with grilled pork chops and yummo cheesecake!!!
  6. World Cup Football with my fav guy and the kids.
.... now this list seems pretty easy to follow! 

 Just relaxing with J.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Polly Dolly

Polly Dolly Theme  Challenge for this week at Danimezza is 
What would you wear if you were hosting a Tea Party.
This is my first time at this challenge so here it is. 
Tea PartyFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

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On a beautiful summer day, I would love to have a Tea Party in a garden full of heavily scented flowers. The smell of the floral perfumes and the summer breeze. I would decorate the garden furniture with flush colourful cushions, fine bone china tea cups on the  table and a delicious spread of gourmet cheeses, fruit,and an assortment of goodies from the bakery. 

I simply love anything that is handbeaded with glass beads so this would be my choice of dress. A butterfly headband to hold back my long hair, gold earrings for my ears, my Burberry handbag for all occassions like this and those nude satin pumps.... and I'm ready for the Tea Party!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Teddies at the Footy

I know that you wouldn't normally find Teddies at the Footy but this World Cup they had first row seats at our place while we watched an earlier game, New Zealand vs Slovakia. I'm happy to say that both teams played well and had a draw at the game, 1-1.

As you can see my inspiration for the past few days has been the FIFA World Cup and my little Gingerbread Bears have been turned into football playing bears. I really wanted to do some icing and have them in our favourite teams; England, Australia and Holland but I thought about it again and it would have been too much work and too much of a sugar overload. 

My football playing Gingerbread Bears!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Socceroos Fever.... Aussie Aussie Aussie

This is a post I dedicated to the game tonight on my foodie blog, Simply About Life.

The moment is here: Australia vs Germany at the FIFA World Cup!!!!!

Go Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!!!!

The game starts at our time 2.30am and back in Australia it will start at 4.30am. I'm pretty sure all football fans in Australia are draped in tour national colours of green and gold, flying the Australian flag, fans singing Waltzing Matilda and Advance Australia Fair, all decked out with scarves, replica shirts or just anything to show our pride for our Aussie team. 

Getting into the spirit of it all is what we'll be doing over here too. Although I'm miles away in Malaysia I'm still rallying up behind my country and cheering on my team. I know my brothers will be watching them as will many more as luck has been given to our home with the Queen celebrating her birthday so granting Aussie a well deserve day off. 

I know it may be a long shot with all expectations for a win by Germany but just wouldn't it be nice for the underdogs, Australia to come in a take it all away with a win! I'm just hoping and praying for that win! 

I know for tonight's snack I should have made something more in tune with an Aussie flavour like a good old Aussie Meat Pie, a sausage roll but I've settled for spring rolls. We'll be needing that extra spring in their kick to our win for tonight!

.... whatever the outcome I know Australia will play at their best and that will be all I could ever ask for.

Here's the link to my recipe for my Spring Rolls.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Batik Sarong

I love flowers. Don't you? I love beautiful pink fushia waterlilies, tulips, lily of the valley and orchids. Actually it does have to be pink but I think that's the best colour that really brings out the beauty of my favourite flowers.

I was given this piece of batik sarong from my Aunty Bree and she had given to me when my daughter was born. I think it was one of her favourite pieces and it soon became one of mine too. I love the different shades of green up against the pink and orange flowers. It was a lovely piece which I have cherished over the years but time had worn the fabric in some places and so I wanted to preserve the best parts of it.

This flower is one of the main features so I embroidered a few simple stitches to highlight the flower.

I decided to make a bag out of the material and feature the larger flowers with some simple stitches using some DMC thread. A simple kind of bag with both sides featuring the main and body part of the batik sarong material. The darker green side is usually the front panel of the sarong and the lighter green is the part that wraps around you. 

The bag isn't too big but enough to carry the essentials for a quick trip with baby... fits 2 nappies and baby wipes but not my bag organiser! I made an inner pocket with 2 compartments to fit my phone and the keys. I would have liked to use a lighter green cotton lining but I didn't have any at the time and just used a white lining instead. 

The featured flower is at the bottom of the bag and is on one side of the bag.

This is the other side of the bag with the lap to close it. I highlighted another flower at the bottom. 

I like that it features the flowers but most of all it definitely looks very Malaysian with the batik print. I think I have to make one for my sister... she's another handbag fan!

Friday, June 11, 2010

The blackhole of a bag...

I seem to have a common factor with all my bags.... I just can't find anything in them!

I'm always reorganising the things in my bags. Everything just gets jumbled up inside of my bag. The tissues, purse, phone, car keys, house keys, nappies & baby wipes and that sippy cup that isn't suppose to leak but does. It's all in there and just can't get out whenever I want it to. I'll be frantically looking for my phone that rings but can't be found and pulling everything out in front of the house door because I can't find the house keys.

Am I the only one who has this problem? No matter how many side pockets my bags have I just can't manage to keep anything in place. They just don't make enough for all the junk I seem to carry with me. 

I tend to carry all of things with me because most of the time, well actually all the time my bag doubles as a baby bag. I don't really like carrying around another bag just for Jacob and it just easier to have a bigger bag and throw in his things into as well. It really is a handful carrying two bags around and even though they do have proper baby bags that can do the job, it can be really pricey and I don't want to get stuck with just the one bag. 

So I came up with this idea yesterday to make an organiser for my bag. I'd seen something like it before and thought ok I could do this. It's really just another bag but with lots of pockets to handle everything I need whenever I go out. It's suppose to be inserted into any bag you carry provided it's a big sort of bag. 

I have a zipped up compartment in the middle for my purse, one side with 2 big pockets for my phone & itouch and it also fits the nappies, and the other side is for the baby wipes and with 2 outer pockets for the lipstick and keys. I made it last night in one of my sewing marathons and had a few trials and errors so had a bit of unpicking to do but in the end it worked out.

The bag organiser in 2 different bags.

I tried it out in 2 bags today and it fit into both of them without any trouble but I might have to add a strap or handle to it later on. 
I also made this other bag which I had meant to finish the other day. It's a bag with 2 bigger pockets on the outer side which I can use to throw in a phone or the keys. I was aiming to make it longer but when I drafted the pattern I forgot to add the part of the bottom of the bag so it's a bit short by about 2-3 inches. But anyway I'm almost finished with the floral material so I'll save that for next time.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Cat.....well super clean cat

It's the semester holidays and I'm just working my way through cleaning up the house. Well, that's what I had written in my to-do list ... along with a million and one other things I wanted to do. 

Cleaning has always been on the top of the list. It's a never ending job but somehow it does believe it or not gets done.... for about a day! 

I've always found that if we have a small get-together or just invite friends over we have more reason to clean up the house. It's a little like an incentive or on the other hand a MUST. There's no other way about it when you have "outsiders" coming over. No more piles of clothes to be ironed or sorted out, toys all over the place have to be put away, grimy dusty deposits have to be wiped away and the kids have to be presentable somehow.

We try to do this at least once or twice a year. Throw a dinner party and the house gets cleaned. Magic!!!

Well, one thing I've been aiming to do is to give the cat, Sakura a good bath. He's been jumping into the bath tub numerous times but I just haven't had the time to give him one. I know it's kind of odd to have a cat who just love a warm bath but I just so happen to have one of those.

He loves a good soak in the warm water and doesn't mind at all when he gets a bit of water on his face. A nice foam bath with his cat shampoo and that's all he ever wants. 

"Give me a bath!!" that's what he'll cry and he just so happened to get that wish today. 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Best Followers Ever....

I've been having a bit of a down sort of day. Well actually it started yesterday when I was busy getting some clothes packed and ready for my hubby's trip. I was folding and ironing some shirts for him to wear and accidentally knocked over the iron and it fell on my arm.  Luckily it only fell on it's side when it hit my arm and I now have three "bear claw" marks on my arm. Ouch! I didn't put it in the groove for the iron and just let it stand on it's own.... Not doing that again! 

Anyway, today started out like a good day with plans to take out the kids for a swim at the pool. Finally a day with sunshine and a cool breeze. It's been raining cats and dogs for the past few months here and kids have had too many broken promises when it comes to swimming. So today was the day for a swim and a soak in the pool. 

It went really well, the sky was clear and the breeze was light and cool. The kids had a blast, playing and swimming in the pool. Jacob even took a few dips in the pool without swallowing too much water! 

So anyway we finished up and I decided to drive out to the supermarket to buy a few things. Got the trolley loaded and I just got the older ones to get something else in another aisle. So here I was standing in one spot, holding on to Jacob and waiting near the trolley for the older ones to come back and WHAM!!! This woman ran into my left heel, full on and  gash my heel open. I seriously don't know where she was looking but she had her trolley piled high with boxes and nowhere to look. 

It's was an accident but still. It really hurt.... my heel now gashed and bloodied. She apologised and almost had tears in her eyes. She was a worker there and was in a hurry to get the boxes out of the way and didn't see me. I didn't see her either but I wasn't in the mood to make a scene and what good would it do? She was quick to apologise and helped to clean up my heel as best as she could with tissues and a few band aids. She was sincere with her apology and so would making a fuss in front of my kids make the pain go away faster or make me feel better.  No, I just moved on with it and told her to be more careful the next time....

And so it bled till I got home and now I have a gash and burns for two days now.... :( 

But things got much better when I got home. I hadn't spoken to my parents in a while and finally tonight we Skyped and just managed to catch up on what was happening with the family. Movie reviews from mum, a brother getting older, and dad having a minor car accident today... it happens in three doesn't it.... all this bad news... but dad was alright just his car. I'm relieved ;) 

It all wasn't bad after all because speaking to my parents kind of made my day. A burn, a gash and an accident was all gone when they told me that they have been reading my blog.  My dad was telling me he had read my foodie blog and liked the recipes and had also read this one. He said he liked the bags and told me that maybe I should sell them like on ebay. I wish dad! Need more time to sew and less interruptions but maybe, yep just maybe I will.... I know mum has been reading both of the blogs and she's always got something good to say about it and make suggestions on what I could add to it. But to hear that they are reading it makes me smile knowing that I don't get to see them or speak to them as often as I should but I'm still connecting with them somehow..... 

Thanks mum and dad.... I'm also one of your biggest fan too:)



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