Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who dun it???

Last night on the way to the kitchen I found this little "gift" on the floor. 

It was dark but I was sure I thought I saw something that shouldn't be on the floor

 .......................  something that should have been on the wall

...... something that should have had a tail ...........a few legs  ......... and perhaps a head too!!

Just a little to the right of this "gift" I found another one!! 

.............. a head, a tail and a couple of legs too!!

As much as I love getting gifts I don't really appreciate these little packages of love. I'll find them in all sort of places, in the bathroom, near my shoes and scattered like rose petals on the floor, endearing momentos of a handpicked gift.

Why me? What were you thinking?

Who are you?

Monday, March 29, 2010 somebody out there??

Now I'm pretty new to this whole blogging craze so let's just call me a blogonewbie.

I'm a SAHM, that's Stay At Home Mum (frustrating, crazy and loving it at the same time) raising 3 kids and trying to juggle life, keep the domestic harmony peace at home with the kids from the ages of 12 to 15 months and trying to maintain my sanity (Not Losing my Mind!!)  all at the same time. 

My life is usually routine during the week with school and tuition schedules taking up most of the day. It should sound pretty easy given that the two older kids are early at school by 7am (6.50am to 12.30 Malaysian school hrs) and depending on the day they could be back for lunch as late as 2pm. I'm left with just the 15 month old during the day, which can be an exhausting experience with anyone just learning that he can climb all over the place and get into all types of mischief........... and getting away with it with a cheeky grin.

I'll get my little troublemaker, LT dressed and ready for breakfast, which would usually call for something easy and finger food like. Chopped tomatoes are a favourite at the moment so that's usually a good choice and a bit of scrambled eggs too. He would sit down in his high chair, bib on and get down to eating.........and it would be too soon before he'll have some eggs flicked on the floor, tomato around his mouth and a wild new hair-do courtesy of some well placed "tomato-egg" gel.

A typical meal with LT!!!

Another clean up session after breakfast and LT is ready to start his roll again. Terrorising our very patient cat around the house for a squash and cuddle. He loves the cat much more than the cat would ever love him. Another run around and then after a quick milk fix, a well deserved nap. Peace at last!!!.........for a while..........

Chase the cat, eat, climb and sleep.

While he's asleep it's another clean up time, it just never ends at this house, and a rush to whip up something quick and nutritious for lunch.....By the way, I've challenged myself this year to cook something new each day or every other day, CRAZy huh, but pls check out my other blog  Simply About Life for daily recipes!!! Anyway, the kids would come back from school and it would either be WWIII or the Sound of Music depending on how the older kids get along.

It's 3 fold having all the kids together esp, when the older ones have had a long day at school and in this year long tropical heat they can get temperamental. Having a gap of about 5 years between the two doesn't make it any easier. A typical day, they can be the best of friends, loving and looking out for each other and the next moment it would be a mountain of complaints, squabbling and down right green monster jealously.

.....blah, blah just pushed me.....mum...
......he's climbing again....mum.....
.......Jacob just tore up my........mum.....
........that's not fair, you said.......mum...
..........mum, blah blah said i'm a ........mum.....
..............don't change the channel, it's my turn to watch, MUM.......  

Nag, nag, nag ...... is that all they can do? And my day is only half way through. WHY does "mum" always have to be the referee/ peace maker ? They will complain about everything under the sun if things don't turn out their way, but they never look to see that their home is clean, the meals are cooked, they get driven here and there, and mum is always there for them. Is that FAIR??? Just a bit of peace and a few bits of normalcy is I ask for. Just get along with each other. Please.....

I don't tally up all that I do for them and question it's fairness. Each child is the same and there's no favouritism. I might have to spend more time with the little one but that should be understood. I can't expect them not to argue, it's good for them because they're siblings and kids after all. I just wish that they would understand that they are very much loved and and lucky to be in our family. But after the end of the day, whatever has happen during the day, they all come back to mum with their goodnights, and "I love you" and I realise that having the 3 of them is all worth the while as a SAHM.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour 27th March

Earth Hour ......We did it!!!

Turned off the lights and sat in the darkness with the kids.

Who could imagine the calmness of it all and the sense of peace that this moment gave.

                                 The stillness in time, no distractions........the quiet.

.........The kids were completely taken aback by this but if only it could last.

I guess it was a sense of curiosity too that puzzled them as to why Mum was turning off the lights and sitting in the dark. The little one was "Ooohing" and "Aahing" at the shadows casted on the walls from the outdoor traffic. A mini light show for the night.

I wonder what it was like in the those big cities halfway across the world, home Sydney Harbour in the pitchness of dark.

My only let down tonight was the blaring lights from my next door neighbour's place, all fully turned on with the exception of the unused guest room!!!!!! 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Under the Green Mango Sky

Blog This - A room with a view.

Take a photo and/or share a photo of your favourite view. Is it from your bed, a holiday a local lookout? Why do you love it?

This side of the island is green and lush; of tropical pink purple orange hue sunsets and a thousand scents and sights only the eye can see.

I live on the top floor of 80s inspired apartment block, right at the edge of the city, where the city lights end and green jungles of life collide.

I wake up daily in the early hours of the morning with sleep still in my eyes and a crying baby in my arms. The air is still cool from the night's slumber and the life outside is about to come to life.

The birds are chirping amongst the mango trees and the cars steadily starting to hum with daily goings.

I draw the curtains back as I hush my baby to sleep and graze and marvel at a sight so natural and sweet.

My green mango sky.......................................

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Our Place

Ever wonder why the days are getting hotter, drier or just haven't been same as before?

All around the world there has been drastic changes to our climate and it's time for us to step up to the challenge to fight back and do something, for us and our future.

As time has gone by, I never realised the subtle changes the seasons have brought about, rainy seasons forever changing, never the same year round and long hotter dry spells. I've haven't lived in this place for that long but I noticed the unpredictability in what were normal seasonal changes just gradually shifting.

I remember you could almost always say when "rainy/monsoon" season would be, but like now when the grass gets drier and the skies turn grey with haze......where are the clear blue skies and when will that rain ever come? A few drops of rain does amount to a decent downpour if it evaporates so quickly not even leaving a mark on the roads. What happened to those drenching rains that go on and on, the over flow of road drains leaving us stranded on the roads???

........I'm just not sure anymore about how the much more the climate will change and impact our world today or tomorrow but I'm going to do a my small part and join in this year's Earth Hour.

A little change in a big way can do a world of difference................



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