Saturday, August 27, 2011

Celebrating a nation.

On August 31st we will be celebrating Malaysia's National Day and recently I was asked by a relative who lives overseas to make a few peg bags to be given away to her friends. I had never heard of peg bags before but when she explained what they were I wanted to make something that was inspired from the place she came from  "The Land Below The Wind, Sabah".

A traditional Kadazan costume worn during the Harvest Festival.

Traditional the Kadazans have worn this beautiful black velvet costume which are decorated with different golden braids with silver coins draped around the waist and there are actually 3 versions of this costume reflecting the different ages and status of the women in the village. This costume is usually worn during the Harvest Festival but it a symbol of the strong Kadazan culture in Sabah so I wanted to take a little of that and make a peg bag that would reflect the culture and traditions of this beautiful place as well as a celebration of Malaysia as a nation.

Peg bags are essentially a little bag that you use to hold clothes pegs but these peg bags that I designed are special ones which are made with black velveteen and decorated with a variety of golden brocade braids and little golden buttons. There is ample room to store lots of clothes pegs in the skirt pocket and it is fasten with velcro to secure them while they sway in the wind on the clothes line.

The pocket in the skirt is accessed by lifting up the top with the velcro fastener. Lots of room for all your clothes pegs.

Kadazan Inspired Peg Bags all handmade by me. 



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