Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fountain of youth..

You know how baby's have that extra soft and smooth baby skin. Well, I think I found the secret to the fountain of youth.....

Jacob is still hobbling around the house but he's progressed to walking with his right foot pointed out and doing a bit of a crabby dance. Anyway, he's still up to all sorts of mischief and I found him sitting on the bed smothering both legs and his clothes in a thick layer of moisturiser.

Friday, July 30, 2010

In the beginning...

In the beginning it starts with friendship and from that it becomes love for one another. A love that binds and builds a foundation that then becomes a family. A family where we are taught respect, kindness to others, tolerance, commitment and a journey of growth through all the moments of life and most of all love for one another.

In my beginning is started with two special people in my life, my parents.... and it happened on this day many years ago.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mum and Dad!

Animal inspired

It's animals animals animals over at Polly Dolly. This week's theme is 

Animal Inspired

Animal inspired
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I don't think I own anything with an animal print but I don't mind a pair of leopard skin pumps and a gorgeous animal inspired belt. No too much with the animals but I love to accessorise with some animal inspired prints just to add highlights a night on the town.

On all fours again

I didn't realise last night when Jacob came off the bed that he had hurt his ankle. He was getting off the bed like he normally does but this time he tumbled off and gave a much bigger cry than normal. I heard his cry and picked him up in my arms and cuddled him to try and comfort him. I had found him with his hands on his chin thinking that he had bumped it on the edge of the bed as he seem so distraught by the fall. I couldn't understand why he was so upset and just tried to calm him down. Eventually I gave him some milk and cuddled him until him fell asleep in my arms. 

The poor little bubs. He had cried so much that he had tired himself out. 

I woke up this morning with Jacob giving me a big smile and thought that he was alright from his fall. He seemed his usual perky self, a cheeky grin on his face and another start to the day. It was like any other day where he would get out of the bed and run not walk out of the room but this time something was wrong. He managed to get off the bed by putting his left leg down first but as soon as his right foot touched the ground his whole body slumped down. He was crying again like last night, a deep cry and I knew he was in pain. I thought perhaps it was pins and needles like when you sleep funny and your leg just falls asleep. 

I quickly got off the bed and picked him up and comforted him. He was upset about it all and I told him that his foot had probably fallen asleep. He had calmed down and so I carried him out to the living room and sat him down on the sofa while I went to get his breakfast. I thought he would be ok by this time and the pins and needles would have gone by now.

He cried out to me again in pain. He had tried to get off the sofa and walk but he was on the floor again. I rushed out to see how he was and saw that he was in tears and he tried to stand up again and that's when I saw something wasn't right. He looked at me and I could see that he couldn't bare any weight on his right foot. His foot was arched like he was standing on his tippy toes and every time he tried to flatten his foot he was in pain. And that's when I picked him up and asked him if it hurt. He pointed to his foot and said "Hurts. Ouch". I took a look at both ankles to compare and push his foot back and gently rotated it. There didn't seem to be any swelling, discolouration or any bruising and that's when I thought it might be a fracture or sprained ankle. 

I called hubby to come home so we could go to the clinic to have Jacob checked out just to make sure everything was alright. As soon as he got back we rushed off to the clinic and the doctor examined Jacob. She had a look at how he tried to stand and looked at both ankles and noticed that it was slightly warm to touch on his right so she requested an x-ray and blood test to look for any fractures and check for inflammation. I was getting worried at this point but Jacob was his cheery self amusing himself by trying to talk to the doctor. The last time he had an x-ray and blood test he was admitted to hospital when he was only 16 days old but that's another long story. 

We got into the x-ray department and Jacob just took one long look at the machine and freaked out. I tried to calm him down by telling him it was just a big camera but it didn't help much. He let out a big cried and struggled on the examination table. We had to restrain him down so that they could take an x-ray of his feet. He was so strong and he fought so hard to get off the table. I couldn't bare to see him like this with big tears in his eyes and screaming at the top of his voice. They took two x-rays and it was over. The instant I picked him up in my arms he stopped crying and turned to point at the x-ray  machine and he was okay again.

With the x-ray results in hand we had to make our way to pathology for some blood work. I wasn't looking forward to this. He was calm and happy that we had moved away from the x-ray machine. We were called for our turn and I sat down with Jacob on my lap. As soon as the cold swab came down on his hand he knew something was up and by the time he realised this the needle when into his hand to draw the blood. A deep scream echoed through the room and he was sobbing again in my arms. It was painful to see him like this again. 

All finished and we were off again walking back to the doctor's room with the results. I'm lucky that the clinic has all of these facilities in one place but I was fortunate that they hadn't closed up for the day or else we would have had to go to the children's hospital to get everything done. Anyway the results were good, no broken bones, no fractures. It was a muscular strain on his ankle which would take a few days to get better. I could breath again with relief that it wasn't serious. I think Jacob knew that as well because he was asking the doctor for "more" and "that" (his two fav words) and pointing at this and that in the room. He was going to be okay, just some rest and something for the pain. 
Having a well rested snooze.
We got home and I put Jacob down on the floor and he immediately got on all fours and was crawling around the living room. He was back again to his old self but just moving a little slower and I knew that probably by this time next week he'll be running around the house again like any curious little toddler. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Your favourite pair of shoes

It's Monday again and over at Hello Owl and Danielle has been busy over the weekend cleaning and de-cluttering her house to find a few gems.... her favourite shoes!

Here's this week's theme for My Place & Yours:

Your favourite pair of shoes.

These simple black flats are my fav at the moment. They go well with a pair of jeans and with any really. They're not exactly flats as they have a bit of heel and I need some height when I'm standing next to hubby who is much taller (6ft2"!!!! ). BTW that's Jacob's fav "shoes" ... his little bare feet!

(I took this pic with the camera upside down!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

The house by the beach

I've been thinking alot about the beach not just any beach but a place that we spent the last summer on a family holiday. It was just like any other white sand beach that you would come across along the south coast of the NSW but this one was something special. Memories of my mum playing at the beach with Jacob, family dinners, relaxing and soaking up the sun and that lovely beach house at Mollymook.

If I could think of anywhere I wanted to be at this moment it would be there. If I could get away, pack up the kids and hubby and take the first plane out to Sydney and drive like a crazy person in a hurry I'd be there. If I was fortunate to win the lotto someday that house would be the first thing I would buy and it would be mine. I don't know why but I would love to live at that house by the beach. 

Is it the warm sunshine that makes me want to go there? Is it the white powder sand that clings to my skin when I walk along the beach? Is it the clear blue waters that roll along the waves that call out to me? All I know is that I want to be there again ....... someday.

I would walk along it's mile long beach again, jump the waves and then sit down on the sand and just watch my mum play in the sand with Jacob. 

That house ... I wish it was mine. The warm air blowing through the front door, the sun kissed shine on the glossy wooden floors, an open kitchen ready for me and my babies eating strawberries by the back door. 

I had a beautiful summer by the beach. A time so special to me, full of memories I would cherish of my days in the sun with my family and the time we spent at the house that was called Simply Beach.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Races

It's that time again at Danimezza's Polly Dolly and today's theme is 

The  RacesracesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Christian Louboutin shoesYolanda - Purple, $825
Rafe New York - Zoe Flap Clutch (Purple) - Bags and Luggage, $190
Pink & Purple Flower Cluster Cuff Bracelet, $29
Carolee - Vintage Elegance 1655EC4606 (Amethyst/Antique Brown/Gold) -..., $95
Fiona Purple Feather Headband, $40
John Lewis Women's Metal Aviator Sunglasses, Black/Purple, 20 GBP - Beauty - Nails - 1000004170, $2.80
Riedel Grape Champagne Flutes, Set of 2 | Williams-Sonoma, $49 Clip-on Case for Apple iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS, Purple..., $7.98
ace of spades, blanc de blancs, 430 GBP
Quarter Horse Toy Miniature at Animal World®

I can remember the thrill of watching the Melbourne Cup on the tv and having a go at the betting pool but I've never really been to a "live" horse race. I know it's all glam and big hats and everything but I'll would keep it to a minimum with just a feathery headband, big amethyst earrings, flower cluster cuff and of course my glam iPhone to capture the big winning moment. I love the colour purple and the beautiful shine of amethyst jewels so this would be my winner's look at the races.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's on your fridge?

This week's theme for My Place & Yours @ Hello Owl is

What's on your fridge?
Oh my fridge could really do with a make-over and a bit of cleaning but here it is with it's many bits and pieces. Lots of school newsletters from way back, a collection of fridge magnets, drawings from the kids, calendar, and my all important kitchen timer... I would have burnt the kitchen down if it wasn't for this gadget! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cover Up

We just had the aircon serviced and now it's working really well, matter of fact it's FREEZING! It's so cold and I've turned the temp to 18C so it's just nice to snuggle up in bed with the covers on. 
A little cap to keep head warm. 
I'm usually soaked in the tropical humid heat of the day but at night I get that one luxury of being in the cold without the unease of heat. It's so much nicer getting a good night's sleep without tossing and turning under the swirling noise of the fan. The air is crisp, cool and dry and it for a few moments it reminds me of the what a colder season would be like. I miss the seasons, the cool autumn breeze and the winter chilly cold. The warmth of your breath in the winter and layers of clothing to keep you warm and snug.... I miss winter!

Despite the cooler temp Jacob loves to play instead of sleeping under the covers.

Kitchen Love

This week's theme for My Place & Yours @ Hello Owl is

Kitchen Love

I think I spend alot of time in the kitchen, cooking, baking, planning, experimenting and of course washing the dirty dishes. But even though it's alot of time in that little hotspot of the house, it's where alot of love goes into making the meals that fill the tummies of those I love the most.

My cookbook stand that I picked up for 50 cents at a school flea market. I love it and can't do without it when I'm making something special.

My growing collection of cookbooks. It's not in the kitchen due to lack of space but I wish it was.

The apple cutter that cuts and cores an apple all at the same time. I found this at Ikea and it's so handy when making apple pies or when the kids want to eat apples.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Where does your cat sleep?

Where does your cat sleep?...... 
Wendy @ Beautiful Day would like to know where does your cat, dog or furry loved one sleeps.

Sakura, our cat of the house has many little places for a quick cat nap or a deep snooze. He's really one of the family and most of the time his sleeping hours usually follow those of the kids. In bed by 9 pm with the kids and awake and ready for school when the first alarm rings. Up and ready with the kids and as soon as they leave the door, Sakura has a quick breakfast and he's back to snooze mode until they come home.

You can usually find him at the foot of the bed or getting nice and warm next to your feet.  Anywhere close to kids will suit him fine and he just wouldn't have it any other way. He's one of the kids, loves a cuddle before a sleep and lets you know when he's awake ready for a meal or time to play. 

This is where he is right now having a lie down on the desk chair.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Band-aid Magic

Last Friday was report card day for the two older ones and I brought along Jacob for the day. Thinking that he was pretty much stable on his feet at his age to walk holding my hand from the car park to the school, he had a small fall just as we were walking along the pavement. He didn't cry at first, he just bent down using his hands to dust of his knee. At that moment I didn't realise that he had accidentally grazed his left knee. I just scooped him up to have a closer look at his knees and saw a small skin graze  with a little bit of blood on his knee. Still no reaction to his knee, he just wanted to look at it and dust it off from his fall. 

I looked at him and asked him if it hurt and with his big round eyes he looked at me and I could see the tears well up in his eyes. I think I started the ball rolling with the word, "hurt"! He burst out into full blown tears and cried while clutching his now sore knee. I  took out a wet wipe and began cleaning up his knee and frantically began to look for a band-aid in my bottom-less handbag. Nothing. I was pretty sure I had tucked away some band-aids somewhere in the side pocket it must have been in some other bag. I remembered now that I had some stashed away in the arm rest of the car. With tears in his  eyes I handed him over to my husband and went back to the car to get the band-aids. They weren't there! So I went over to the teacher's room to ask for a band-aid from their first aid kit. Ok I was generously given 3!
I got back to hubby who was now holding a sobbing Jacob while lining up for our turn with the classroom teacher. All cleaned up and ready for the band-aid I told Jacob that it wouldn't hurt after anymore when I put on the band-aid. Unwrapping and peeling back the paper I placed the band-aid on his knee and all of a sudden the sobbing stopped. It was instant! No more crying! 

Jacob looked down at his knee and touched it. His little face and those eyes started to smile and he pointed to his knee and said "Ouch". I wiped away the tears and he looked again at that magic strip plastered on his knee. It was his first time that he really injured himself where he drew a bit of blood and where he could associate the whole falling incident with hurting himself. And so for a while he was back to his cheery self, amusing himself with his new band-aid, the one that stop the "hurt" and made the pain just go away. He was no sooner wanting to walking along the corridor while we waited for our turn with Ashley's teacher.... back to his old self!

..... Not too long after this those little curious fingers peeled away at the band-aid and he was once again crying his little heart out for mummy. Lucky I had those other spare ones! All plastered again and he was a happy little boy once again. Amazing what a bit a sticky bit of plaster can do, just like magic....

Well, over the weekend he had forgotten mostly about his knee only to have it bandaged up again after bath time and he was back to playing with his toys. I dressed him up in long pants to kind of distract him from his knee and he was fine for the remainder of the weekend up until today when his curiosity got the better of him. Somehow he had managed to climb up on the arm of the sofa and reach out to touch the lamp and got his index finger burnt on the bulb. I was in the kitchen at the time and came out when I heard him scream and his brother calling out to me. He was crying so hard this time and I quickly put his finger in a cup full of ice and cold water to help with the burn. It was a little burn but big enough for him to feel the pain from the heat of the bulb. 
And so it was magic time again.... band-aid to the rescue! After assessing the burn and numerous cups of icy cold water, I dried it up and put on a band-aid on his little finger. He stopped crying instantly and he looked again at his finger and than at me and smiled. It was all better that was until he looked down at his knee and realised that he didn't have a band-aid on it. Bursts of tears and crying fits of pain started up again and I quickly stuck on a band-aid on his grazed knee. It stopped again.... now the funny thing about this is that he was all along looking at his right knee which was not grazed at all. It was actually his left knee that was the one that was injured! He had touched his right knee and pulled up his shorts up to look for the graze on his thigh and not being able to find it he let out a cry. I think he remember the knee when he hurt his finger and to him it was all painful. But isn't it amazing how a little band-aid can fix anything as long as it stays on and doesn't get peeled off.
This isn't the first time magical band-aids have worked for this family. The same thing happened when my daughter was small and at the time 3M had these fluro plastic band-aids. They sold in boxes of a 100 and thinking it would last us a while we didn't mind buying so many. Stock up on it and sure it wouldn't finish so fast. WRONG!! My daughter at age 2-3 went thru a couple of these 100 boxes in a matter of a month. Always wanting one for any little grazed, cut and mozzie bite! Okay the grazes and cuts were ok but we live a tropical country and you are bound to get a bite or two from a mozzie. So we would stick one her and then in a matter of minutes it was off again. Start over again and the whining and crying would stop. In the end we told her that we couldn't waste the band-aids anymore and she would have to go cold turkey. No more band-aids for mozzie bites! It worked it's  little magic here and there and instantly helped put the tears away but only when urgently needed. I'm afraid the band-aid era has started again with this little one and so I'm off to buy that 100 box of band-aids.....

Update!!! I bought on special for RM5.50 a box of 100 band-aids...I set for the next few months:)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Late again...

Are you always trying to catch up with yesterday and today and most certainly tomorrow? Well that's me for this week. I'm finding it hard to catch up with everything this week and my mental organiser has gone bye-bye for the week. Late for school, late for dinner and late for my blogging. Aah and now it's Friday... where did the week go?

Well, I'm hoping to catch up some reading this weekend and re-organise myself so I can tackle next week agenda. ...Lots to catch up with...



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