Thursday, March 31, 2011

Congrats to the Giveaway Winners

I'm so happy to announce the winners of my first and second Giveaway for my This Side Of The Island Shop. The winners were picked by  and because I reached another new 25 fans (total now 77!!) for my This Side Of The Island Facebook page I had to have a double draw and have 2 winners.

The Giveaway!!!

My Giveaway List of everyone who entered the giveaway. Thank you so much for being a part of the giveaway.

So here are the winners!!!

The First Winner 
No.29 Gracy Baxter

The Second Winner
No. 30 Christine Santos

Thank you so much for being a part of this Giveaway and I can't wait for the next one. is amazing!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blossom Tote Bag

I was inspired to make this bag from this fabulous print from Amy Butler's Soul Blossom collection. This must be one of the very few bags that I've made with just one fabric print and without a contrast fabric. This beautiful fabric is called Fuchsia Tree in Carmine and it's just so pretty. This design is more of a tote bag and I made it big enough again to fit all my things that a mum can carry. 

It's fully lined again with beige cotton drill and I've used my fav fusible cotton lining on the exterior fabric which is like a Pellon interfacing and that's been a must with all the bags I've been making. It just gives all the bags so much structure and the best thing about is when you crush the bag it never leaves a crease. You just don't have to iron it and it also gives it bit a weight for a fabric bag.

I can remember when I first made a fabric bag I used the normal paper fusible interfacing and I wasn't too happy with the paper-like creases it made in the fabric and it wasn't smooth at all. I never used it again after that and went to look for this Pellon interfacing, which although a bit more expensive it all worth it if you can find it.

Blossom Tote Bag

Blossom Tote Bag

The Blossom Tote Bag. I've made this with this beautiful fabric from Amy Butler's Fuchsia Tree in Carmine from her Soul Blossom collection and it's fully lined with a beige cotton drill. A large tote that can carry almost anything. Big enough to fit you mini netbook. Lots of storage with 4 inner pockets and a pen pocket too. A swivel clip for your keys and magnetic snap for closure. Wide straps for comfort and a detailed bow for style.

All seams are double stitched and reinforced. Fully lined with cotton interfacing making for a sturdy durable bag.

Top Width: 14"
Botton Width: 15.5"
Height: 12"
Depth: 3.5"
Handle Strap Length: 19" Center drop 10.5"

Interior Side Pockets
2 x Pocket: (W)5.5" x (L)4"

Interior Phone Side Pockets plus pen pocket
2 x Pocket: (W)3.5" x (L)4"

I made these for friends so I'll make some to post for Etsy soon.

Blossom Tote Bag

Inside the Blossom Tote Bag

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A bag for everything : Ava Everyday Messenger Bag

I've been talking about making a messenger bag type of bag for some time now and this Ava Everyday Messenger bag is finally here. I just had to name it after one of my baby nieces and I made it in mind with having to use it as a diaper bag and travel bag.

A lot of my ideas for my bags starts off with just a simple drawing and some measurements. I wanted a bag that could carry everything and I mean just about everything.... diapers, spare clothes for Jacob, toys, containers for snacks and all the things that I usually carry with me.... iPod, camera, phone and maybe a novel if I'm lucky.... the need for plenty of space...

This bag has a gusset which gives this bag extra space and strength and it's also wider at the base and slightly narrower at the top to give it a more tailored look. I also added in a reinforced strap that is sewn into the gusset to give a textured look on the sides and added that same width banding on top of the bag do that it highlights the printed fabric from the contrast black. Alot of the times when I sew I'll add on as I go and this extra banding just gave it another dimension and more space which really helped when I decided to make it fit my laptop. What really surprised me when I finished it was the way it sort of fell giving the bag more of a shoulder/hobo kind of look rather than a straight up messenger bag. I was really happy with this bag and it's the start of my Black to Basic collection :)

Ava Everyday Messenger Bag

Ava Everyday Messenger Bag

Ava Everyday Messenger with Adjustable Strap. It is a medium/large bag roomy enough to carry your laptop, books, ipod, phone…). You can carry this bag like a messenger, tote, or shorten the strap and sling it over your shoulder. The adjustable strap with its variation in length makes it a messenger bag for all your everyday needs; travel bag, diaper bag, laptop bag, tote....

I've use Michael Miller Floral Script Fabric in Cream and black cotton drill for the contrast. It is fully lined with beige cotton drill and interfaced to make it sturdy and all seams are reinforced. It has 3 inner pockets for your purse, ipod and phone; another inner pocket with a zip and a swivel clip for your keys. The bag closes with a zip closure.


Width: 15"
Gusset top: 3.5"
Gusset bottom (Depth): 4.5"
Height: 12"
Strap Length: 20" - 32.5" nickel sliders

Interior has 3 pockets and 1 zip pocket
1 x Zipper Pocket: (W)9" x (L) 6"
1 x Pocket: (W)8" x (L),55"
1 x Pocket: (W)4" x (L) 5.5"

You can purchase this bag at Etsy : 

It fits my laptop too!

The bag lying down flat. 

Ava Everyday Messenger Bag

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Place & Yours: Where do you blog?

It's Tuesday again and this week Danielle at Hello Owl's My Place & Yours is asking:

My Place & Yours: Where do you blog?

This is my spot on my desk in my bedroom where I like to blog. I have my laptop set up and  my blogger all set up getting ready to blog about the latest and the what's going on at my place. An iPod on hand for a lazy check on things but I would love to learn how to blog on that too but I'm rather slow at typing with on it. I'm posting at the moment about my latest giveaway and sorting out some photos for these handmade clutch purses I've just made.  I'm kind of writing two post at the same time ... multitasking and trying to take measurements of the clutch purses.  

My handmade clutch purses from my latest blog post "Clutch Purses and a Giveaway " just a little giveaway to say thank you. 

Each Tuesday Hello Owl hosts My Place & Yours so if you would like to link up and play along click HERE

Clutch Purses and a Giveaway!

I'm so happy to see that at this moment I've checked my This Side Of The Island Shop Facebook page and I have another 25 new fans and as I promised I'm going to announce my first Giveaway. 

I've been meaning to come up with some clutch purses and came up with two designs; a pleated clutch purse and a clutch bag. 

Pleated Clutch Purse

Pleated Clutch Purse:

This Pleated Clutch Purse is such a handy little thing. It comes with a strap that attaches to the zip with a swivel clip. Lined with beige cotton drill and has an inner pocket. All exterior fabric is lined with a cotton interfacing making it sturdy and never loses it's shape when the fabric is crushed but still soft like cotton. 
width (top): 9'
width (bottom): 10.5'
height: 5.25'
strap: 11'
zip: 8'

Clutch Bag

Clutch Bag:

This Clutch Bag is the perfect little bag for just about anything; a make-up bag, phone/ipod bag, or a handy clutch for the day bag. It is a flat bottom clutch that comes with a strap that attaches to the zip with a swivel clip. Fully lined with a beige cotton drill and has an inner pocket. All exterior fabric is lined with a cotton interfacing making it sturdy and never loses it's shape when the fabric is crushed but still soft like cotton. 
width (top): 8'
width (bottom): 8'
height: 5'
depth: 1.25'
strap: 12'
zip: 7.5'

The Giveaway!

I've reached another 25 new fans on my Facebook page and so this is my little giveaway to say thank you. I'm giving one of these clutches for the giveaway and you can have the chance to pick one if you are the winner. Just become a fan of my "This Side Of The Island Shop" page on Facebook and make a comment below this photo of the clutch purse giveaway. This offer ends on 31st March and I'll be using a random generator to select the winner of this giveaway. The winner will be announced on 1st April.

Become a fan of This Side Of The Island Shop on Facebook , leave a comment and WIN!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Polly Dolly - Tights and Tunics

This week at Danimezza's Polly Dolly we are going out in our 

Tights and Tunics

Pink and black are the colours for me. Thinking of Paris, romance, flowers, ruffles and frills and just being fashion chic! I love this ruffled tiered dress and thought it would go nicely with some tailored legging, ultra high ankle boots and accessorised by some animal prints. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Shitbox Rally epic challenge through the Australian Outback

A childhood friend of mine, Blanche and her husband Barry are taking part in this year's Shitbox Rally which the title refers to the shitty cars that they will be driving in an epic rally from Brisbane to Darwin. An adventure full of challenges through the rugged terrain of the Australia Outback on a route that will see them leaving the city of Brisbane, then off to Roma, Longreach, Gregory Downs, middle of nowhere on the Savannah Way, Lorella Springs, across the Katherine Gorge and to their final destination of the city of Darwin


It will indeed be a incredible unique, enjoyable and meaningfully journey that will see them taking a road less traveled especially through some of the remotest parts of the Australian Outback but it is all for a cause that is close to the hearts of many. A disease that has struck many love ones that are often in the prime of their lives or are just too young in life. A horrible disease called CANCER that has affected all too many and if you have lost or know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer it is a horrible disease that has touched us all. 

The Shitbox Rally is officially endorsed by the  Cancer Council of NSW , a leading community funded and focused cancer charity that is dedicated to the defeat of cancer. A charity that provides cancer awareness, information and support services for those affected by cancer and its survivors. All donations are focused to provide valuable funding for the much needed cancer research into successful cancer treatment and cures of cancer for a better quality of life for those affected by the disease.

This rally was especially organised as a fundraising event to raise those much needed donations going towards the commitment to beating cancer. It will be an amazing adventure and a challenge to drive through the Outback but ultimately the aim will be to create the awareness for the much needed funding into battling cancer.

Each of the teams entering to the rally will all need to raise a minimum of $4000 of their own funding and beyond. Each team such as Team Fate Amenable will be driving in a Shitbox of a car only worth $1000, hence the name of this rally ... The Shitbox Rally.

Much needed donations are still needed for this worthy cause and raising the awareness of cancer will increase the chances of early detection of cancer, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer and ultimately lead to an increase survival rate of all those people and their families facing cancer sufferers today.  Visit these websites below for more information about the Shitbox Rally, the Cancer Council of NSW and teams like Team Fate Amenable

Official Shitbox Rally Site:

Official Cancer Council of NSW:

Official Team Fate Amenable Site:

and the many other Shitbox Teams participating in the Shitbox Rally:

On a personal note, in 2003 my father-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer in addition to being in remission at the time with prostrate cancer. It was a heart wrenching time to see a man still so full of life slip away to this disease. There was no little chance of beating the cancer when the liver cancer was detected as it had be unnoticed during his prostrate cancer treatment. It was a sad fact to take that an earlier detection could have made it treatable but it was too late. He had another six months before he succumbed to the cancer and we were all able to spend precious time with him till the end. He had a long full life, a loving family, gone through the war, and seen his next generations of grandchildren and great-grandchildren come into this world and his journey has touch me and my family to the greater cause of defeating this disease.... so much more can be done and only through a common thread of hope can something be done.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waking up from a nap!

This was taken about a month ago when Jacob was having a snooze and woke up to find he had grown a full moustache and very thick eyebrows all courtesy of his loving older sister! What are sisters for!! I'm sure he's going to have a laugh at these photos when he's older....we hope!

A complete look of surprise!

Ok there's something on my face huh?

Okay not funny anymore!!!

Polly Dolly - Red Carpet Recreation

It is totally glam at Polly Dolly today. The Oscars have come and gone but we are still in the mood for some serious fashion style so this week's challenge is to recreate a look that is inspired by the Oscars.

What inspired you this awards season, how would you wear it?

Oscar Red Carpet
I loved the look that Halle Berry came up with, a beautiful long lace dress in nude with a crystal encrusted bodice and lots of silk tulle ruffles. Beautiful nude heels with a floral detail and of course lots and lots of bling! Diamonds and more diamonds because it is the Oscars after all. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Got a feature DIY

Last year I did a step-by-step tutorial on "How to make Japanese Paper Dolls "Ningyogami" and recently I submitted it to one of my favourite craft sites, One Pretty Thing for their Do It Yourself craft tutorials. A great site for all things craft and lots of fabulous finds for step-by-step tutorials as well as some wonderful advise on all things handmade. 

So I'm happy to announce that it will be featured in this Friday's Daily DIY. I'm so excited about it and it's inspired me to post some more step-by-step craft tutorials. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maxi Skirt part 2


This Polly Dolly was made by my daughter. I love her selections esp. the floral skirt and those gladiator sandals. Cute bags and the feather earrings.

Polly Dolly - Maxi Skirt

It's that time again to get dressed up and dazzle in our Polly Dolly at Danimezza. This week's theme is 

Maxi Skirt

Maxi Skirt

After watching the Oscars yesterday I've been inspired to go with a ballerina theme for my Maxi Skirt Polly Dolly. Pink and black are my colours for my little dress up. A beautifully box pleated maxi skirt to go with my matching ruffled crepe top. More black bows for my hair, skirt and top. Ballerina flats and a small splash of jewellery.

Would you like to dress up too? Just hop over to Danimezza and see what Polly Dolly has waiting for you.



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