Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Sophie

My little girl Sophie born on 23rd February, 2012

Just taking a little break from my Photo A Day Challenge and I'll get back to the new March Challenge. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

March PhotoADay Challenge by Fat Mum Slim

Another awesome March Photo A Day Challenge from Fat Mum Slim has just been announced so I hope you can join in the fun for this coming March.

Chantelle@ Fat Mum Slim has just posted her list for the March Photo A Day Challenge. Just click on the above photo for the link to her site and join in the fun.

So get that camera ready :)

Day 21. A Fave Photo Of Yourself #FEBphotoaday

Day 21.   Photo A Day Challenge  is A Fave Photo Of Yourself.

Dressed up for a Telematch in the early 80s.

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !

Due Date Today!

I heart my baby tummy!! Due date today but baby seems too comfy.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Days 12 to 20. #FEBphotoaday

Trying to keep up with the Challenge :)

Day 12.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Inside Your Closet.

A bit tidier than before for now...

Day 13.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Blue.

Blue skies nothing but blue skies.

Day 14.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Heart.

I heart my baby tummy!!

Day 15.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Phone.

An old phone but a good one.

Day 16.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Something New.

New basil and tomato plants growing soon.

Day 17.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Time.

A clock with a mind of it's own... no matter how many times i adjust the time it never tells the right time or date... time to get new batteries!

Day 18.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Drink.

Nothing beats a cool drink after a hot day at school.

Day 19.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Something You Hate To Do.

Don't we all???

Day 20.   Photo A Day Challenge  is Handwriting.

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 11. Makes You Happy #FEBphotoaday

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is Makes You Happy.

Makes me happy to be with my family.... I'll have to update this soon with my girls.

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Lions, dragons and fire crackers galore.

For the past few weeks we have been celebrating Chinese New Year and the last day was on Monday which is called Chap Goh May. The final day of celebrating and welcoming the Luna New Year and the start of the Year of the Dragon... which for our part meant the last day of lion & dragon dances and the ever noisy and super loud fire crackers that go seem to go on through out the night.

We were lucky this time and managed to catch a lion dance that was at the new Japanese restaurant just down the road. A big crowd gathered around to watch the dragon dance before we got there but we to get there in time to watch the lions battle it out and light the fire crackers.

 I don't know how they do it but these dancers can jump and leap through the air and land on such small platforms. I've even seen some lions that swing around on the platforms and make it look so easy.... lots of really fit people out there!!!

The last of those super noisy fire crackers!!! Crazy loud but only once a year.

Want to join in the fun - Wordless Wednesday @ My Little Drummer Boys. 

Day 8. Sun #FEBphotoaday

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is Sun.

A rather gloomy day but I'm pretty sure the sun is out there somewhere.

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !

Day 7. Button #FEBphotoaday

...yes another late photo... 

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is Button.

The button to the world on my iPod!

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !

Day 6. Dinner #FEBphotoaday

.... a little late but here it is...

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is Dinner.

Ate too much for lunch so for dinner I just had some toast with a bit of mayo and tuna. 

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 2 to Day 5 #FEBphotoaday

I've been a little behind on my posts so here's Day 2 to Day 5. 

Day 2. Words #FEBphotoaday

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is Words.


Day 3. Hands #FEBphotoaday

Celebrating 16years together today so I thought this photo should represent Hands.

Day 4. A Stranger #FEBphotoaday

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is  A Stranger

 One of the Chinese New Year characters from a Lion dance.... a stranger to me.

Day 5. 10am#FEBphotoaday

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is 10am.

A 10am wake up call!!!

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 1. Your View Today #FEBphotoaday

Are you ready for another month of fabulous February?? Well I'm excited to say that Chantelle @ Fat Mum Slim has created another Photo A Day challenge for the month of February. 

Just click Here to join in the challenge at Chantelle {fat mum slim} or just click on the image above. Come and join the fun with everyone Fat Mum Slim 

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is Your View Today.

What I'm looking at now :)  

Come and join the 
 Photo A Day Challenge !

Day 31. You, Again#JANphotoaday

Today's  Photo A Day Challenge  is  You, Again. 

Me at 37weeks trying to model a bag I made.... Oh my baby bump is huge.

Come and join the  Photo A Day Challenge !



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