Friday, October 22, 2010

A birthday party to remember

This week seems to be one whole week of celebrations; a hawian themed birthday party, a glamour birthday party and a birthday party to celebrate the big day. All these three big celebrations are not for three different people but for one lovely lady who has reached a big milestone in anyone's lifetime..... the big 80!

Happy 80th Birthday

happy birthday

This week we had a chance to celebrate my hubby's aunty Junee's 80th birthday and her family went all out to show her how much she has meant to them and just a big celebration of her life. 

80 that's a real achievement for anyone and especially for someone who is still so full of life and enjoying every moment of it. She dances regularly and seems to lead an active life with lots of loving grandkids. I'm not sure how she does it with so much energy but I have to say I hope to be just a like her if I ever get to reach that age.

She's not the only one turning the big 80 this year, alot of other special people this year have reached that age... my dear YehYeh (grandfather in chinese) and my mother-in-law celebrated their big 80 as well. My grandfather is still just as active as before and not letting his diabetes or his non-driving status get him down. He's almost always out with my grandmother visiting friends by hoping on the bus or train. Nothing seems to stop him and he's still a passionate cook with a true love of family dinners with a spread of food worthy of a first class restaurant. I really miss his cooking! My mother-in-law is also a woman with alot to love for the family and has live through so much in her life so far. Raising a big family of 8 and a grandmother of over 20 plus grandkids to dote on her. 

So to the 80s kids of this year..... Happy Birthday and now lets celebrate again with another party this Friday night with good food, dancing and lots of birthday cake!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This week's theme  at Polly Dolly is:



A beautiful bright colour to really put a smile on your face. Yellow to me is summer, the beach and happiness. 

I had a little help from my fashionable daughter with this week's theme and Ashley has a real sense of style with her choices. I love that dress and the belt was a real good idea and that bag is lovely. I'm inspired to make something like this for my daughter for this up coming wedding we have next weekend. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mini Pocket Pouch and a little cherry blossom.

I have this really bad habit where I almost always forget where I've placed my phone. It's on the book shelf, the dressing table, my desk, under my pillow, in a pocket somewhere or in my soundproof handbag. I just can't keep track of it and when I do find it I've usually missed 1 or 2 calls. It's not intentional or anything it's just that I'm a very forgetful kind of person when it comes to my phone.....oh and my iTouch as well!

It's these two things that can take up most of my time just looking for them. So for today's sewing I decided to make a mini pocket pouch to try and keep them together.... or at least they have a chance at getting lost at the same time but at least they'll be "lost" in the same spot. 

My Mini Pocket Pouch has just enough space for my phone and iTouch. I gave it a bit of padding to keep in safe from those accidental falls and a detachable cord so that I can hang it up somewhere. It's nice and snug and it has a velcro tab to keep it in place. 

I used a piece of batik that looked big enough to fit everything and just sewed along the width of the fabric and inserted the foam. Once the foam was in I sewed up the edges and put velcro on the tab for the closure. On the left hand side I put in an large eyelet but seeing I haven't got the eyelet setter yet I managed to still put it in place without it being squashed out of shape. It worked and the hook snaps nicely into place.

So now that I've made this pouch I'm really hoping I don't have to keep looking for it. It should be much easier to keep track unless Jacob decides to hide it which he often does.

I also made this little cherry blossom to add onto my phone cord to replace the cat that came off it a couple of months ago. It's pretty simple to make. Just using a round piece of  fabric and stuff with filling to make a ball and then using some DMC thread shape the ball into a cherry blossom and attach to the phone cord.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Snap Snap Snap

I recently ordered my latest sewing gadget and it came in the mail a few  weeks ago. I have been looking forward to using them but it was just waiting to find the right project to test them out. So this is it my snap fastener tool set and a snap button set. 

So to test them out I sewed up this evening clutch in my red kimono fabric and matched it up with a floral snap. The tools didn't come with any instructions so I had to go back to the website to figure out how to use it. 

So basically you use the puncher to make a hole in the fabric and you have to use a hammer for this. Make the hole and place the top part of the button (the one with the pattern) in the hole. Turn it upside down and place the snap part of the button and use the other tool to flatten the inner part of the snap button so that it sets in and permanently stays in place. On the under part of the other fabric make a hole and place the longer snap into the hole and place the cover on the other side and using the domed tool hammer it in to set it. .... sounds easy... if you take the steps one by one it will all follow through.

And this is what it should look like. All snap buttons in place and ready to snap away.

This is the Red Kimono Clutch with a snap button.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Little Dancing Feet

This year these been a few more family and friends have little baby girls and I've been meaning to make them something. I had in mind to make a baby bag or a little dress but I thought I'd start this off by making baby shoes for those little baby feet. 

My friend Angeline has a gorgeous 10month old girl and I recently caught up with her at a friend's wedding and tomorrow I'll be seeing her again once again at another wedding tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to seeing her beautiful Mia and I've made her something special for her first few steps.

These are my little creations and I'll be putting similar ones on my upcoming Etsy shop. I'm thinking of calling the line Mia's Dancing Shoes. 

Floral Denim Dancing Shoes

Kimono Red Dancing Shoes

I managed to sew my label this time I usually forget. Oh and those lovely little legs are Jacob's feet. He was a bit upset that I had made shoes but not in his size!



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