Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter!!!

I've always loved Arnott's Honey Jumbles so I made a few to celebrate this Easter instead of the traditional boiled egg and chocolate easter egg. It was my first time making these biscuits and looks just as good as a colour egg and just as yummy. 

The honey jumbles always remind me of my childhood and they bring back so many memories of being carefree and just being a kid. I guess that is what chocolate easter eggs represent for many kids these days but for me just give me a honey jumble anytime :) all covered in pink and white icing and a special hundreds and thousands sprinkle for Easter!!! .... Happy Easter!

I'll have to make some more today and send them out to family with my cute little Easter tags from Mooo


  1. They look yummy! Happy Easter to you! xx

  2. Thanks Wendy :) Happy Easter to you and your family too.




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