Friday, June 11, 2010

The blackhole of a bag...

I seem to have a common factor with all my bags.... I just can't find anything in them!

I'm always reorganising the things in my bags. Everything just gets jumbled up inside of my bag. The tissues, purse, phone, car keys, house keys, nappies & baby wipes and that sippy cup that isn't suppose to leak but does. It's all in there and just can't get out whenever I want it to. I'll be frantically looking for my phone that rings but can't be found and pulling everything out in front of the house door because I can't find the house keys.

Am I the only one who has this problem? No matter how many side pockets my bags have I just can't manage to keep anything in place. They just don't make enough for all the junk I seem to carry with me. 

I tend to carry all of things with me because most of the time, well actually all the time my bag doubles as a baby bag. I don't really like carrying around another bag just for Jacob and it just easier to have a bigger bag and throw in his things into as well. It really is a handful carrying two bags around and even though they do have proper baby bags that can do the job, it can be really pricey and I don't want to get stuck with just the one bag. 

So I came up with this idea yesterday to make an organiser for my bag. I'd seen something like it before and thought ok I could do this. It's really just another bag but with lots of pockets to handle everything I need whenever I go out. It's suppose to be inserted into any bag you carry provided it's a big sort of bag. 

I have a zipped up compartment in the middle for my purse, one side with 2 big pockets for my phone & itouch and it also fits the nappies, and the other side is for the baby wipes and with 2 outer pockets for the lipstick and keys. I made it last night in one of my sewing marathons and had a few trials and errors so had a bit of unpicking to do but in the end it worked out.

The bag organiser in 2 different bags.

I tried it out in 2 bags today and it fit into both of them without any trouble but I might have to add a strap or handle to it later on. 
I also made this other bag which I had meant to finish the other day. It's a bag with 2 bigger pockets on the outer side which I can use to throw in a phone or the keys. I was aiming to make it longer but when I drafted the pattern I forgot to add the part of the bottom of the bag so it's a bit short by about 2-3 inches. But anyway I'm almost finished with the floral material so I'll save that for next time.


  1. I seem to live with a nappy bag these days too - mine has all sorts of pockets to keep things secure, but everything mysteriously migrates to the black hole bit in the middle.

  2. I think I need to make one of those "multipurpose" bags just like those cars. A bag for all types of situations and minus that big blackhole. I just hope it doesn't get too big to carry!

    I'm aiming to design a bag that will fit all the bottles, nappies and wipes into little designated pockets.... brainstorming for ideas.




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