Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

I've checked through my list from yesterday and I'm proud to say we had a great Father's Day for hubby! ..... even though it's Father's Day today and I still celebrate it for my dad in September, I'm sure hubby wouldn't mind celebrating it again come September!

  1. homemade cards and cuddles from the kids for their dad followed by a bacon and eggs for brekkie                                       The kids made these posters for their dad. We were so hungry for brunch, I forgot to take a picture!
  2. get the cheesecake baked and ready for dinner   I made these yummy Oreo and Yoghurt Baby Cheesecakes. Jacob ate some of the remaining Oreos.
  3. make the pasta for the lasagne and bake it for lunch. We woke up late so brekkie was actually brunch!
  4. maybe a swim with the kids or a movie. Swimming has been rescheduled for tomorrow after school and movie will have to wait for Cheap Movies on Wednesday at the cineplex.
  5. hhmmm roasted potatoes with grilled pork chops and yummo cheesecake!!! CHECKED  Pork Chops with a Tomato Brandy Sauce, mashed potatoes and greens followed by baby cheesecakes!
  6. World Cup Football with my fav guy and the kids. 
Daddy and the kids!

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