Monday, June 14, 2010

Socceroos Fever.... Aussie Aussie Aussie

This is a post I dedicated to the game tonight on my foodie blog, Simply About Life.

The moment is here: Australia vs Germany at the FIFA World Cup!!!!!

Go Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!!!!

The game starts at our time 2.30am and back in Australia it will start at 4.30am. I'm pretty sure all football fans in Australia are draped in tour national colours of green and gold, flying the Australian flag, fans singing Waltzing Matilda and Advance Australia Fair, all decked out with scarves, replica shirts or just anything to show our pride for our Aussie team. 

Getting into the spirit of it all is what we'll be doing over here too. Although I'm miles away in Malaysia I'm still rallying up behind my country and cheering on my team. I know my brothers will be watching them as will many more as luck has been given to our home with the Queen celebrating her birthday so granting Aussie a well deserve day off. 

I know it may be a long shot with all expectations for a win by Germany but just wouldn't it be nice for the underdogs, Australia to come in a take it all away with a win! I'm just hoping and praying for that win! 

I know for tonight's snack I should have made something more in tune with an Aussie flavour like a good old Aussie Meat Pie, a sausage roll but I've settled for spring rolls. We'll be needing that extra spring in their kick to our win for tonight!

.... whatever the outcome I know Australia will play at their best and that will be all I could ever ask for.

Here's the link to my recipe for my Spring Rolls.


  1. You said it ..... I'm truly devastated too:(

  2. Your spring rolls might have made the feelings of devastaion a teeny, weeny bit less :-(
    Thank YOU Cinda for your beautiful 'treasure' comment you left too. xo




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