Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's happened again

It's happened again! This is the second time this year and I just got these new glasses. It's just so unbelievable that it's happened again and in the same place. I just got out of the shower to find Jacob holding what was left of my glasses. He has this magnetism to my glasses for some reason he just has to twist and turn it.

And so I'm off to see the optometrist tomorrow to see if he can do something about it. I think I'm going to be he's fav customer this year. It's broken in exactly the same place at the hinge. I'm hoping he can fix it some how or change the spring or hinge or something. So I'm back to wearing my old glasses about 2 prescriptions back. I can see but the right side is a bit off. I'm really contemplating having Lasik if I could afford it at this point!


  1. OMG..... can't believe that..... i guess there is something about your Jacob and your glasses Cinda...

  2. My daughter has a fascination with my glasses too. She hasn't gotten to my prescription glasses yet, but she did get her hands on my sunglasses the day after I bought them, and did her best to rip one of the arms off.

  3. I was really upset when it happened. I couldn't believe how fast he was to find them. Maybe I should wear contacts again or better yet goggles!!

  4. Hi Cinda - dropped in from AMB. I'm in the same boat with broken glasses. Twice, in the same place. I've given up trying to keep them in working order!

  5. I guess there's a magnetic attraction to glasses for little hands to break....
    I'm still wearing my old glasses just haven't found the time to go to the optometrist.




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