Saturday, June 19, 2010

Getting down to it...

Getting down to it.... a loadful of dirty laundry, a sink of a morning dishes, toys that have to picked up, a meal to be cooked and tons of "to-do" lists to be done. How can I manage this? Can it be done? 

It's a routine of life isn't it? Getting all of it out of the way and moving on to the next. I think I have a plan but sometimes I can't keep on track. Isn't that the fun part of it all, to sometimes let it go for awhile and "go with the flow". 

The weekends are the best times for that kind of feeling, just take it easy for a while and relax. Well, for this weekend I've been stuck or should I say glued to the telly getting my fix on missed TV episodes, watching the World Cup (Go Aussies!!!) chatting on skype and just spending time out with the kids. The laundry, dishes and cleaning can wait! I want to relax and chill this weekend or at least till tomorrow.... got to get ready for a fun filled Father's Day.

Is it that time already? I know it's not Father's Day back in Sydney but on this side of the world it will be Father's Day tomorrow. So my day has been planned.... 
  1. homemade cards and cuddles from the kids for their dad followed by a bacon & eggs brekkie
  2. get the cheesecake baked and ready for dinner
  3. make the pasta for the lasagne and bake it for lunch
  4. maybe a swim with the kids or a movie
  5. hhmmm roasted potatoes with grilled pork chops and yummo cheesecake!!!
  6. World Cup Football with my fav guy and the kids.
.... now this list seems pretty easy to follow! 

 Just relaxing with J.....


  1. Awwwww.... love this picture Cinda...... love the drooling J..... i wish you all the best to get all those things done.... xoxoxo

  2. Hope your day goes, or is that went, as planned (not sure of the time dif) sounds like a dream day for your lovely man! Enjoy. xo

  3. Thanks. I managed to get my usual 70% of my list done and hubby was a proud dadddy for the day.




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