Friday, June 4, 2010

Best Followers Ever....

I've been having a bit of a down sort of day. Well actually it started yesterday when I was busy getting some clothes packed and ready for my hubby's trip. I was folding and ironing some shirts for him to wear and accidentally knocked over the iron and it fell on my arm.  Luckily it only fell on it's side when it hit my arm and I now have three "bear claw" marks on my arm. Ouch! I didn't put it in the groove for the iron and just let it stand on it's own.... Not doing that again! 

Anyway, today started out like a good day with plans to take out the kids for a swim at the pool. Finally a day with sunshine and a cool breeze. It's been raining cats and dogs for the past few months here and kids have had too many broken promises when it comes to swimming. So today was the day for a swim and a soak in the pool. 

It went really well, the sky was clear and the breeze was light and cool. The kids had a blast, playing and swimming in the pool. Jacob even took a few dips in the pool without swallowing too much water! 

So anyway we finished up and I decided to drive out to the supermarket to buy a few things. Got the trolley loaded and I just got the older ones to get something else in another aisle. So here I was standing in one spot, holding on to Jacob and waiting near the trolley for the older ones to come back and WHAM!!! This woman ran into my left heel, full on and  gash my heel open. I seriously don't know where she was looking but she had her trolley piled high with boxes and nowhere to look. 

It's was an accident but still. It really hurt.... my heel now gashed and bloodied. She apologised and almost had tears in her eyes. She was a worker there and was in a hurry to get the boxes out of the way and didn't see me. I didn't see her either but I wasn't in the mood to make a scene and what good would it do? She was quick to apologise and helped to clean up my heel as best as she could with tissues and a few band aids. She was sincere with her apology and so would making a fuss in front of my kids make the pain go away faster or make me feel better.  No, I just moved on with it and told her to be more careful the next time....

And so it bled till I got home and now I have a gash and burns for two days now.... :( 

But things got much better when I got home. I hadn't spoken to my parents in a while and finally tonight we Skyped and just managed to catch up on what was happening with the family. Movie reviews from mum, a brother getting older, and dad having a minor car accident today... it happens in three doesn't it.... all this bad news... but dad was alright just his car. I'm relieved ;) 

It all wasn't bad after all because speaking to my parents kind of made my day. A burn, a gash and an accident was all gone when they told me that they have been reading my blog.  My dad was telling me he had read my foodie blog and liked the recipes and had also read this one. He said he liked the bags and told me that maybe I should sell them like on ebay. I wish dad! Need more time to sew and less interruptions but maybe, yep just maybe I will.... I know mum has been reading both of the blogs and she's always got something good to say about it and make suggestions on what I could add to it. But to hear that they are reading it makes me smile knowing that I don't get to see them or speak to them as often as I should but I'm still connecting with them somehow..... 

Thanks mum and dad.... I'm also one of your biggest fan too:)


  1. Where would we be without mums n dad's hey?!

    Hope todays better :-)

  2. What a lovely post (besides the burns and gashed heels of course!). Even when you're all grown up with kids of your own, Mum and Dad can still help you feel better :-)

  3. Thanks! Feeling much better today. Mum & dad are the best medicine ;)

  4. Aw, that is sweet. No one like mom and dad, is there? I'm glad your dad is okay. Sorry you had a rough day but hopefully it will only get better. xo

  5. They are indeed! Your parents sound awesome, Cinda.X




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