Friday, May 28, 2010

the midnight needle & thread...

I wish I could have as much free time to draft, cut and sew at anytime of the day. To be able to have a moment here and there and sew to my heart's content. I'd plan a morning or an afternoon but the reality of it all is the stroke of midnight is the time for me. 

It's the quiet and there's a stillness to the night, the kids are asleep and I can turn that sewing machine on. The gentle hum of the machine, a loose thread to cut, and pin to remove.... 

I recently bought this lovely floral print with the thought of making a bag for a birthday gift for a good friend of mine. I had drafted and cut this bag last weekend and saved it for some spare sewing time during my late hours of the night. My aim was to get it done by Tuesday and surprise my friend, Claudina with this handbag, but as always our place has been plagued with frequent blackouts caused by the heavy rainfall. My sewing time had to wait till the next day! 

I finally got it ready and then realise that I didn't have the magnetic button to finish the bag. No problem I'll just get it tomorrow.... the next day....No magnetic button anywhere!! I searched all my usual sewing suppliers and nothing at all, even my supplier, Mr Wong who has every single button in the world wouldn't be able to get his magnetic buttons until next month. Is there a hoarder of magnetic buttons somewhere out there? Has someone else been bitten by the bag bug?

I had to do something to make this bag close up. I had to use a button fastener instead.  It worked!!! Much better than I expected to and it looked good too. I really hope she likes it.

Jacob the Super Boy modelling my latest bag!

This was another bag I just finished last night. It was a bit of a challenge for me with this bag. You see I use to make dresses for friends long time ago and out of habit I have always kept any little bits of spare material. Always thinking to save a bit to make something else one day. 

It wasn't very much material to start off with, so I drafted a simple centre pleated bag and give it a rounded edge instead of going for a tote bag look. I wanted it to have a girlie look to it because I'm hoping to give it to a little girl as a sort of belated birthday gift. 

It had to be big enough to be used as a bag but small sized for a little girl to hang on her shoulders. A last bit of material was used for a bow and I had to hand sew that onto the pocket of the bag.... Finished!! My little pink girlie bag!


I think Jacob wants to keep this small bag for himself!


  1. Ooooh, I love that girly bag... I'd totally take that everywhere with me during the summer.

    Great work!

  2. TQ! Yep it's a real girlie bag!!! I think I've got to make Jacob a backpack to model.

    I've got this bag wrapped up and ready to give to her tomorrow. Hope she likes it.

    I'm all into bags at the moment and only wish I had more time to sew...

  3. You are so the material and love the bags! Look forward to seeing more of your creations...Naomi

  4. Thanks Naomi. I'm trying to work on a piece of left over batik. I've cut it out but haven't worked out the lining yet.




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