Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My On/Off Relationship with Mr T....

I thought I was the one
When you came calling at my door
You gave me that first signal
Like a bright flicker of lights
Each time we connected it was bliss
An hour or two
Late at night or anytime of the day
But then you took it away
No warning, No nothing
So cold
Then just like a tease 
You came back into my life
How long will it last?
How can this be?
Here one moment, gone the next
My mysterious Mr T.....

..... dedicated to my love/hate relationship with Mr T (aka Telekom Malaysia) for all the heartache and frustrations I've had over the past few days!!!!!

It may have been the heavy rainfall over the weekend or the storm that blew out the powerline and left us in the dark for an hour OR just my ever reliable laptop but I've been in a rollercoaster of highs and lows since last Friday. At first I thought it was the laptop and I ran all the tests I could find and then my iPod was playing up too. Slow connection .... just turn off the switch and try again. I tried and it worked for awhile but then it would start all over again. No connection!

I was lucky a few times to be able to read a few of my fav blogs and do a bit of blogging but it just got too frustrating in the end. I couldn't even write in my Mother's Day post for my mum until 2 days later. No Skype to chat on too! and running behind on some promised blogging for a friend.

Could it be my spell of bad luck started when Jacob broke my glasses.... I was beginning to think so. Don't they all happen in 3s???!!!
  1.  Broken glasses = Bad luck (checked)
  2.  On/Off internet line = Bad luck (checked)
  3.  Blackout = Bad luck (checked)

But then I realised that this weekend wasn't so bad. The time I usually dedicated to Mr T was spent making a carrot cake with the kids for Mother's Day. 

Making another handbag for Ashley.... and one for her cousin Chiara too.

Followed Claudia's Italian Bread recipe and kneaded the dough and made crusty bread. 

Even trying out a new recipe to go with the bread.

Made time for a Choc break with some Chocolate Pudding!!

And made hubby and Ashley make the Peach Crumble for his mum!!! My day off from the kitchen.

So I guess a little time away from the internet wasn't too bad and a blessing in disguise I suppose. I had a great time with the kids in the kitchen and was delighted that I made my daughter's day with a new handbag and got my cooking revenge on my hubby. 

...... Thanks Mr T for bringing me quality time with the family but please don't leave me on the line just waiting for your call. You left me very angry and frustrated and gave me no choice but to make THAT call to your office today. I told them all about you and the feelings I had for you and now everyone knows.... I even told hubby.... but he knew all along it was you..... you sent your men and patched things up.....and now you've come back again.....

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