Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fly away little butterfly....

It's been sometime since I last sewed something and about time. I didn't know how much I missed creating something from scratch. A few bits of left over material from long ago and with a few snips and needle and thread...a handbag for Ashley.

I've been talking endlessly about going back to sewing but it's been just too long and now that I have my new sewing machine I don't know why I hesitated so long. It was ready waiting all this time and I only needed to clean up the sewing cabinet... not a task I was looking forward to at all!

Too many bits and pieces, old strands of thread and the odd button. How long ago did I use this! 

Anyway, I went through my hoards of fabric and found this piece left over from a smocked dress I had made for someone's daughter. A beautiful butterfly design with gold writing from the US, nice and thick enough for a bag. Another piece of greeny brown cotton drill from a cushion and there was the lining!

I played around with the design of the bag so I could fit in a pocket for a phone.

Added a zipper to close the bag and a few box pleats.

I just hope Ashley likes it!


  1. I am sure she'll like it Cinda. This is beautiful.


  2. It's gorgeous... well done! Ash would remember moments like these when she's older... how her mum lovingly makes beautiful things for her.

  3. I was sewing late into the night with this one. Really got into the sewing and had a great time despite the lack of sleep!




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