Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Mother's Love.....

First of all I'd like to wish all wonderful Mothers around the world a 

Happy Mother’s Day

I know I'm a little late on this one but after a weekend free from computers and lack of an internet line I'm back with my belated wish for all mothers, grandmothers and special people in our lives who deserve a special day of appreciation.

A special day where we can say:
  • thank you for all the encouragement you gave me and seeing that I could be something better than I ever thought I could be
  • for your honesty, support, laughter, patience, beauty and love you have given me all my life
  • for reminding me that I am loved no matter what
  • for knowing just what to say and when I needed to hear your words of wisdom
  • for letting me learn from my mistakes and helping me pick up the pieces
  • for being the daughter I am because of you
  • and for showing me just how great a mum can be.....

 I love you mum


    1. Cinda, this is really sweet. Gosh you are lovely.

      something for you at my blog... its a surprise.

    2. I just had a peek and thank you so much. A nice surprise to brighten up my day. I've had a sporadic few days with on/off internet connection and this definitely makes the day so much better.




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