Friday, May 28, 2010

Over To You @ Warsaw Mommy

A couple of weeks ago Michelle @ Warsaw Mommy asked me to guest blog for her "Over To You" on Tuesday, where she features guest bloggers blogging about their personal "expat experience". I was really flattered to be asked to be her guest blog for her and to be added to her list of other guest bloggers like:

Over To You’ Tuesdays – Badger in Vienna

‘Over To You’ Tuesdays – Lulu In Chiba, Japan 

‘Over To You’ Tuesday (On Wednesday) – ‘J’ in Warsaw, Poland 

‘Over To You’ Tuesday (On Wednesday) – ‘T’ from Warsaw "

Warsaw Mommy is another mummy just like me! Far away removed from the place she was born, fallen in love with a wonderful man from Poland and raising her two beautiful young boys (Max & Alex) in an environment with a foreign language and culturally different from her own home in Canada. She is a blogger with a heart full of love for her boys and just  being a great mum, living a fun full life with all the usual mummy challenges throw into it. So please drop by and have a read, a laugh and best of all a smile!

... and now it's my turn to join her "Over To You" Tuesdays"

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