Sunday, May 23, 2010

A week gone past....

I didn't mean to leave. I didn't go away. I did in fact got a bit distracted by.....

  • the monsoon rains, our 4pm on the dot full blown rainfall, drops of endless water just going down the drain .... the kind of rain that stops everything and anything.
  • the power outages that follow those types of heavy bucketful of rain and it only happens in this part of the world!
  • and then the outages that make us even madder ... the telephone line has gone down once again. Does this ever end?
  • and the worst of it ..... after a day or two of a dead dial tone did I discover a crucial part to all of this .....
 I forgot to pay for the internet!!!!

I was really getting a bit peeved off with this almost predictable pattern of blackouts and telephone lines getting nowhere. I'm suppose to live a city but I guess sometimes we just take it for granted all how much we rely on the power that keeps us alive and connected in this world. It's just another reminder to show how much this place has grown and how much we need to catch up with this population growth. It's just so annoying but maybe it's just me. On the other hand, the kids like to get out the candles and light them up and it's a great excuse to get out in the car and go for a drive! 

I was getting really annoyed about it all. It happened twice this week and it usually goes on for about an hour at a time. The funny thing about it is that it only seems to happen in our electrical grid. You see the lights would be out on this side of the block but the other side is all lit up. Can you believe that? And worst of all the telephone line goes down too! But this time I realised that I hadn't checked the internet bill. How silly was that!

So anyway, it wasn't all of a lost. I did get to watch a movie on Friday night, 3D Shrek with the kids. It was a blast and the kids had so much fun. We even got Jacob a babysitter and that was the best thing about it all .... I could finally watch a real movie at a real movie cinema!

I also got to finish my homemade pasta run. Fettucini, Tortelini and Ravioli! All made by hand. I've always wanted to make them and I did it. I now have today and tomorrow to finish posting them on my foodie blog. So much to catch up on this weekend.

And the best thing of all this week, I managed to finish a promise to a friend ... over to you and I hope it works out. I'm just so sorry it took so long.....


  1. Oh! these power cuts..... thankfully they aren't so often in the area i live in.... but the monsoons are good... i wish we could some here... it is burning hot here.... so atleast there was something to cherish about!!! plus the movie and the food... yum!!! have a great weekend

  2. You have power cuts too! So you understand how frustrating it can get:( having a good weekend got some sewing to do. Making another handbag for a birthday gift.

  3. Err sorry Cin will remember to apy the bills earlier




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