Monday, May 24, 2010

Pre loved-inherited or thrift-ed

For this week's My Place & Yours @ Hello Owl  ...

This weeks Theme Queen is Zoe from over at A Boys Mummy and she has chosen Pre loved-inherited or thrift-ed as this weeks theme.

This dining table and chairs were given to me by my aunt when I moved over to Malaysia. It was her old dining set and it's made out of rotan (similar to bamboo), very appropriate for our tropical look, comes with 6 chairs and I just love it.

I bought these plates at an auction and it was a real bargain. Shangri-La Resort was refurnishing and selling off old and never used crockery to make way for new stuff. I managed to get a set of 20 dinner plates and pasta bowls all for about RM60+ which would be about AU$20 and the best thing is that it's Villeroy & Boch.  I only wish I got there earlier to buy more.

This was another bargain at the same auction. Schott Zwiesel lead crystal wine goblets from Germany! I bought 2 crates (36 goblets) of these and I found out that they were new. I really don't know what the auctioneer was thinking when they were valuating the items for auction but I can't wait for the next auction.

This chair was originally designed by my sister-in-law and it was passed down to my brother-in-law and eventually passed to my husband. It's solid wood and it took 3 people to carry up to our apartment. It's an unusal piece but it seems to suit this corner quite well. I have to add some plush cushions and then it will look better.

I'm not too sure if the cat counts but he was from a litter of kittens that my aunt rescued. He was pre-loved by my aunt but she just had too many cats to take care of. His name is Sakura and he's a strange cat who loves taking showers, doesn't miaow too much and walks on a leash.


  1. OH Beautiful goodies - well done! I included my kitty cat too she was not pre loved but she was inherited for sure ;) Love your post ;)

  2. Thanks Cherie! I only wish we had flea markets over here. I love looking at your great finds and I must admit I do get a little jealous.

    The cat is one of a kind. So glad we took he in because I found out later that he was the only one to survive out of the whole litter.

  3. What a cute kitty! I can't believe he likes showers!! Too cute!

  4. We trained him from a kitten and he loves the warm water especially on his back. A good scrub and a long rinse under the shower that's his fav. He'll tell us when it's shower time when he sits under the shower and stares at it.
    He also doesn't mind having his nails clipped. I think he just loves the pampering!

  5. i LOVE your dining suite and that lovely seat!

    btw Sakura is a real sweetie & how unusual that he loves showering and having his nails clipped..i wish my two cats did!!

  6. Thanks Susan & Marian. I think about half of our furniture are pre-loved items from various members of my hubby's family.
    I started washing the cat because my hubby has asthma so I tried to keep the cat fur down. So we actually wash him about every 2 weeks and he gets brushed too..... Sakura is my baby!

  7. I particularly love that chair, it is beautiful.

  8. Wow love that chair and you have gotten some amazing bargains. Our kitty was given to us from another family. Makes it more special in my book.

  9. of course the cat counts. He sounds like such a character.

  10. Thanks for not putting me on the list....

  11. Donald: You're just loved!!!




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