Thursday, May 6, 2010

I can see clearly now.....not

I guess the late nights and warm humid days have been catching up with me lately. After a day out doing some errands around the city and having a restless bubs in the car I found myself completely exhausted and just flat out.

.....I needed sleep so desperately!!!  Zzzzzzzzzzz

Having finally arrived home, I quickly made dinner and got the kids showered and finally it was time for Jacob to go to sleep. So as routines go I got him ready for bed and had a little lie down time with him just to get him to fall a sleep......mmm the dishes can wait!

The next morning I was woken up by Jacob gently nudging me. I thought how sweet he's actually waking up on his own without having a his morning cry. WRONG!

I woke up to be handed over this....

A clean break. Completely broken off and there was no way it could be fixed.

I must have dozed off while I put him to sleep and just never woke up again until he decided that it was time to tell mummy that he had done something wrong. I can only remember holding my glasses in my hand and thinking that I'd take a quick nap before I tackled the dinner dishes. Big mistake......

I think he must have woken up and found my glasses with it's spring expandable frame and just started to do a little arm exercises with it. SNAP!!! Time to wake up mummy!

Shock came to mind when I first saw it and panic after that because I'm pretty blind without them. How am I going to see? What am I going to tell hubby? For sure his answer would be "I told you so". I've never listened to him about putting it away. I'm usually good with things like this and put them high up away from harms reach but it was only this one time.

I asked Jacob why did he do it? Like he could tell me anyway.. He just looked at me, wide eyed and I knew he realised something was wrong. No need to say anything else. He had a guilty cry and buried his face in the pillow and went back to sleep.

I guess I could look at this as a trend in my kids. How do I know this? Well all 3 of them have done it and with all too similar outcomes.

  1. Ashley aged 18 months decided that my glasses were in bad need of a make-over and sat on them giving a them a rather rolled over effect, flat as a pancake appeal. 
  2. Tristan aged 2 years used my glasses for his artistic expression and remoulded them into a wire mess.
  3. Jacob aged 16 months .... just made a clean snap of things.
What does this tell me? My children are very concerned about my wellbeing.... apparently I no longer required any visual aids and they have the power of healing. Through a little magic of the hand Mummy can see clearly now!!

I'll be going to the optometrist tomorrow and in the mean time I'll be struggling with my old  pair of glasses that I managed to dig up from the deeps of my drawers.

.... perhaps it's time to start using lens again!

Flog Your Blog#10 Lucky Brenda is in Shanghai! Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about her trip. Anyway it's that time again so join in FYBF!


  1. Ha ha Cinda... Loved this post. Funny one...

  2. Not so funny at the time! But yeah it's bound to happen with kids. I bumped into a friend and he told me he's on his third pair so far and his son is just 2!

  3. I'm off to look at some glasses!!




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